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Two of Cups

To all of my beautiful LGBTQ+ friends.

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“Every gay and lesbian person who has been lucky enough to survive the turmoil of growing up is a survivor. Survivors always have an obligation to those who will face the same challenges.”
By Bob Paris
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Two of Cups

I love this version of the Two of Cups, two lovers entwined in an act of devotion and love for one another. If you look closely, not only are they sharing the sacred cups of honour and commitment, but they are captured with their eyes closed, an intimate moment of trust and affection. They love one another, hold each other in high regard, a relationship built upon a solid foundation and respect. ⁣

They know others disapprove, are quick to criticise and judge. They have become accustomed to hurtful comments, based upon ignorance and fear. Opinions sustained by false beliefs, disguised as faith, couched in language that offers the bigots the excuses they need. They’ve heard it all, they’ve been laughed at, ridiculed, experienced acts of violence. Made to feel unworthy, unnatural and treated like lepers. ⁣

These are the violent acts that pull the two sacred chalices apart. The beliefs that take us away from the part of ourself that prevents us from fully loving ourselves so others.⁣

Now here’s the important lesson we can learn from the courage of the cupbearers. Despite their disapproval, judgments and negative reactions from others. They are solid in their beliefs and the source that fills their cups. For they know a powerful truth, when we come together in a union with love. Regardless of one’s gender, sexuality, race or beliefs, we touch the sacred face of the divine. No permission or approval is needed, love is love.⁣

While your soul may not aline with the beliefs or expectations of others. It’s your life, your journey and what others think of you is not your business. You are not here to accommodate or explain your nature or need to seek their approval or acceptance. For you are perfect just as you are, lift-up the cup of love in your hand and toast your rights and blessings. For you are loved, cherished and mirror the great source, a beacon of beauty that should proudly shine their magnificent and beautiful light.⁣

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