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The Wheel of Fortune

round and round it goes where it stops nobody knows

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Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition Cards by Diana McMahon-Collis & Megamunden
“His success may be great, but be it ever so great the wheel of fortune may turn again and bring him down into the dust.”
By Gautama Buddha

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” - Lao Tzu

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The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

The great wheel of fortune is turning, round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows. The ground doesn’t feel stable, are we moving forward, are we standing still, going right or turning left. Is that the sky in the distance, or the movement of the sea. This is how life feels when we’re undergoing challenges and experiencing uncertain times.

Let me take you back to your childhood, remember those times when you would open your arms wide and begin to spin as fast as you could. You would see your friends faces flashing by, experience butterflies within your stomach and no sooner than another turn, your joy was quickly replaced with a strong feeling of dizziness. Your environment is unfamiliar, its no longer fun, everything is sliding, as you desperately seek stability and wonder when your stillness will come.

The Wheel of Fortune has gained a positive reputation as a card of good luck, destiny and fortune. These are the individual spokes of the great wheel of life, but none of these energies are possible without change. So here lies the guidance and message from today’s revolving card. While change is unavoidable, part of the rhythm and cycle of life, change isn’t always bad; often it brings about the necessary change needed to move things forward. Like our childhood example, while the ground may be moving under or feet, and our environment may feel fluid and unstable. The time is right for movement to take place, don’t fight the change, but allow the stagnant energies to free and move you on. For change is necessary and needed, and can often be the perfect solution to move us forward into more positive and fruitful directions. Go with the flow, allow the great wheel to turn, for life is movement and movement is life.

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