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Seven of Cups

less materialism, more spiritual

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Seven of Swords: From the The Urban Tarot Deck By Robin Scott
“If you do not pour water on your plant, what will happen? It will slowly wither and die. Our habits will also slowly wither and die away if we do not give them an opportunity to manifest. You need not fight to stop a habit. Just don’t give it an opportunity to repeat itself.”
By Sri S. Satchidananda

“The information received from dreams is truly the greatest guidance anyone could ever ask for." The Giant Compass”

By Teresa DeCicco

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The Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups

This particular version of the Seven of Cups is heavily influenced by Crowley’s Thoth deck. It even carries the archaic word debauch. A word linked with sexual promiscuity, indulgence, immorality, addictions etc. But the card isn’t taking us down that preachy road today, but offers a more spiritual message.

Significantly, the card is linked with the element of water, what we feel in our hearts, what may be going on deep under the water, our subconscious, the aspect of ourselves that we may like to keep hidden, even from the self. But there is a more mystical dimension to this card, water talks about the spiritual realm. It is here that our reading will focus upon today. 

Numerologically, the number seven is a deeply spiritual number, it is linked with the spirit, the sixth sense, our psychic and sensory perception, our ability to bridge with the spirit world.  

To briefly return to the cards keyword “debauch,” we are invited to trade a less materialistic life, in favour of a more spiritual. We can all become overly reliant upon technology and gadgets. While there is nothing wrong with this, they can if unchecked, move us away from our interior, the doorway to our higher self, into a world of overindulgence, need for gratification, distraction and the next adrenaline rush and reward. 

This card isn’t about judgment neither, there are other cards in the deck that lands that punch, but beckon us within, to bring our awareness towards the self, the call to re-examine our daily habits, to become more aware of our spiritual side, particularly our dreams. While dreams are often quite benign, the brain purging old data, consolidating memory, etc. Dreams can also hold deeply symbolic messages, glimpses into our workings, peeks beyond the vale, contact with passed loved-ones, our spirit guides, and other spiritual teachings and phenomenon.

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Tarot: Seven of Swords
Seven of Swords

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