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The Moon Card

just like the moon we go through phases

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“The dancing Sun the dancing moon the dancing stars and the dancing galaxies are the direct expression of our divine Self.”
By Amit Ray

The Moon Card: The 18th Key of the tarot deck.

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The Moon Card

Like the moon that is unable to create its own source of light, but is lit by the Sun. We too can find ourselves unable to generate our own light in our darkest hours. Yet we can learn so much from the changeable face of the great Goddess of shadow. 

In times of challenge, like the moon, we can immerse ourselves in the glorious rays of others. Not in an exploitative or abusive way, but like a ship that navigates the sea by charting the movement of the stars, the light within the darkness, we too must find the motivation to move into the harbour of their positivity and guidance.  

The Moon card is astrologically linked with Pisces, a deeply sensitive, emotionally dynamic and spiritually evolved sign. All the qualities and strengths that you are encouraged to embrace today. No one should be expected to live in the shade, or dance in the shadows of others, but now is the time to shine your brilliant light and learn from the magic of the Moon card. 

Like the moon that travels from it’s darkest phase to it’s full and radiant self. You too are upon a journey, your troubles will pass, your depressions will lift, and like the full moon, your magnificent and beautiful light will return once more. 

Numerologically, the Moon card is assigned to the 18th key of the tarot, a blend of the Magician card, key No-1, the Strength card, key No-8 and lastly the Hermit card, key No-9, the number you get when you add 1 + 8 together. With this in mind, you have the skills of the Magi to manifest your desires, the fortitude to confront your challenges and the wisdom to navigate your way from the darkness into the light, the source of all power, love and life. 

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