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I’ve worked in the field of spirituality for almost thirty years and had the privilege of guiding hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. It’s my calling, passion, and reason for being.

The Magician Card

Magic is the act of manipulating energy, with the intent to bring change.

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The Mary-El Tarot, the second edition by Marie White
“So few people listen to their own voice because they are taught not to trust it. We are encouraged to adopt others’ ideas, thoughts, beliefs, all the while never developing and believing in our own. We inevitably give up our personal power in favour of one less than our own.”
By Tripsy South

“Personal power is the ability to stand on your own two feet with a smile on your face in the middle of a universe that contains a million ways to crush you.”

By J.Z. Colby

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The Magician Card

I am the great alchemist, I move the air with my breath, stir the waters with my wand, crush the earth with my feet and radiate fire from my spirit.

I stand between the world of the hidden and the light of the known. I am the one who transforms suffering into joy, lead into gold. I am the great mystic, keeper of truth, I stand in the shadow and manipulate the darkness into light. I dwell in the darkest corners and Invite you forward; I am the great Magnus Magi in charge of your will.

The mind is the energy that animates the flesh, the source that builds and sustains you, the great infinite light of your purpose and potential. All creative actions are triggered by the spark of inspiration, and your thoughts are the tools that sculpt your reality.

Now here lies the insight and magic that the great magician brings to you today. Whether you’re consciously aware of the results of your actions or not. Life will continue to happen, and events will continue to unfold. But when we become spiritually aware of the consequences of our actions, so mindful of the thoughts that pass through our mind, the ideas and beliefs that are creating our reality. Then we start to move our awareness from a place of observation, into a state of witness and control. For magic in its most basic terms, is the act of manipulating energy, with the intent to bring positive change.

Within the hands of the magician is the sacred Metatron’s Cube, the source of all knowledge, the place where magic is born, the seed of the universe, the gates of the unknown. Now is the time to stand in that power, to take the wand of creation into your hand. Lift one arm to the heavens, while pointing the other to the earth. You are the conduit of your reality, catalyst and master of your change. You hold the key to your dominion, now sit in the throne of your potential. Now is the time to step into the light of the great magician within, the one who holds the wand, the one who holds the power, the one in complete and total control!

Spiritual Readings

Professional Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings by David Cunliffe.

If you’re seeking professional, nonjudgmental guidance from an experienced tarot reader and trusted spiritual mentor. Then why not take a look at my spiritual services and book your consultation today. Bright & Spiritual Blessings, David.


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