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The Five of Wands

Love light and blessings

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Tarot Deck Photographed: Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot Deck By Melanie Marquis & Scott Murphy
“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”
By Desmond Tutu

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

By George Bernard Shaw

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The Five of Wands

The Five of Wands

The pursuit of improving ourselves can be fraught with challenge and difficulties, an act that can unwittingly invite an unwanted imposter, an inner voice that tries to persuade us to stay as we are. Better to be thankful for small mercies, than to risk making things worse, upsetting the apple cart.

This is the illusory mantra that keeps us stuck, holds us back. Like the energetic scene within this transformative card. Rise up, fight these lies and illusions head-on, a calling to take a firm hand and summon the courage to bat the hornets away, untether from the trap. For if we’re not mindful, we can allow our fears to dominate and control our lives, habits that can diminish our potential to a shadow of its glorious and unlimited self. 

In many ways, the wands in the image are physical representations, extensions of the will, for where we direct our intent matters. If we bring our awareness within, like leaf’s trapped within a whirlwind, if we’re not careful, we can become stuck in a vortex, unable to move forward and the path of our spirit and desire can be lost. 

Change can often feel uncomfortable, a battle with the self, a complex web of contradictions. On the one hand, we feel the excitement of what change may bring, how things could improve. Only to be rudely interrupted once again by the unwanted guest. Reminding us of all that could go wrong if we embrace a different way, the changes we’ll regret. Steadily convincing ourselves to pull back, settle for stability over change, so nothing really improves, as life’s opportunities sadly ebb away. 

You’re called to bring your awareness outside of the shadow of the self, to develop a plan. An important message encouraging you to take a small step in a new direction, a strategy designed to nudge you out of your comfort zone, silence the imposter, hush the internal distractions, and fearful constrains. It’s time to reach out into the repository of your potential, stop the internal quarrels, step away from the illusions of your limitations and confront your fears and demons. For the future is bright, if you can find the courage to liberate your magnificent and glorious light.

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