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The Devil and The King of Cups Tarot Cards

Let your light shine

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Smith-Waite Centennial Deck in a tin By Pamela Colman Smith – U.S. Games Systems
“When you react, you let others control you. When you respond, you are in control.”
By Bohdi Sanders

The Devil Card & The King of Cups

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There is an important message behind today’s cards. Let’s start with The King of Cups, being a high ranked card, he has learned a crucial lesson over the course of his lifetime. While his emotions are important to him, he has gained mastery over his feelings. Quick to identify when his heart is ruling over his head or his mind over his heart. ⁣

This brings us to the Devil card, a card of shadow, undisciplined thoughts, lack of self-respect, focus and control. He has learned that fear, if unchecked, can rule his life, tempt his heart into making irrational choices. Decisions that are emotionally based and lead by fear. Just look at the Kings face, he is looking away from the Devil, an act of dismissal and rejection, to regain self-mastery and control. He knows the Devil is powerless if he turns a cheek. A decision to detach from any habits or actions that can undermine the Kings power or control. ⁣

Now take a look at your own life and circumstances. What limiting thoughts and beliefs are binding you to the Devils side? Now embrace the message and guidance of the Kings energy in your life today. Despite how you may feel, you have the power and resources to win and succeed. To live your life in a way that is most important and relevant to you. Unlike other Kings in the tarot, who can be more brutal and calculated, the King of Cups actions are more restrained, sensitive and fair. But if you challenge or disrespect his authority. Then he will turn like the weather. Reaffirm his boundaries, protect his dominion, to re-establish his power and assert his control!

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