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The Death Card

Death, the 13th key of the tarot deck

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Morgan Greer Tarot Deck By William F. Greer & Lloyd Morgan
“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.”
By William W. Purkey

There is always a profound message when the Death card turns up in a reading, for you can expect change, sometimes a profound and transformative change!

By David Cunliffe

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The Death Card

The Death Card

Tarot in the right hands can be a powerful tool, it speaks with great clarity, offers insight, glimpses into the future, empowers us, and at times, it can sit us down and confront us with the harsh truth of reality. This is one of those times, for the death card has a challenging message for you today, but one that is intended to inspire and push you forward to embrace the exciting opportunities that life can bestow. For there is no greater gift than the sacred gift of life. 

There is a natural order to life, birth, growth, decay and death. As harsh as it may sound, none of us will leave this mortal plane alive. Death is real, it’s part of the great journey we glibly describe as life. Now here’s the message within today’s reading, if I ask you to draw a line, representing the time span of your life, and invite you to draw a small dot upon that line, the place where you believe you are upon the trajectory of your life, a visual exercise designed to bring perspective, to awaken you from the great sleep of complacency, to remind you of the urgency and importance of making the most of every moment of the day. For here lies the sting of truth, like an old clock, the life we are given isn’t infinite, it’s winding down, there will be a time when the cogs will stop turning and the clock will fall silent!

Well there you have it, a message that may appear on the surface to be rather gloomy, even brutal or depressing, but that would be a terrible mistake, as you would be distracted by the insight and not the message. The need to motivate and liberate your potential, to unlock your talents and gifts, to move you fully into the experience and opportunities of life. 

These are the challenging words that the death card brings to you today, not a message of pessimism and death, but a message of liberation and life. A message to inspire you, to encourage you to live your life fully, with passion, drive and the excitement it brings. It’s time to stop procrastinating, putting things off, hiding your talents, or allowing your fears to control you, but it’s time to live fearlessly, in a way that is mindful of its shortness and fragility. Life is like a burning candle, it doesn’t last forever, but should be treated with respect and embraced with the generosity and enthusiasm it merits and deserves.

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