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The Death Card

Let your light shine

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The Light Seer’s Tarot: By Chris-Anne
“Man always dies before he is fully born.”
By Erich Fromm
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The Death Card

The Death Card

There is an aspect of life that many of us are so frightened to confront that we simply choose to ignore it. Pushing our feelings as far away as possible to avoid the discomfort of facing perhaps the single most challenging taboo of life; death, for none of us will get through this journey alive. 

There is a powerful message within this challenging but liberating truth. For if we allow ourselves to live under the shadow of death, then we never truly embrace the freedom of life. For the life you’ve been given is the most beautiful gift of all, and to sacrifice the joys of life in exchange for fear is one of the most destructive acts of self-harm imaginable. 

The Death card is astrologically aligned with Scorpio, a wonderful transformative sign that offers an exciting and powerful way forward. Scorpions are notorious for their secretive nature. This is the first lesson and insight to explore, for fear thrives on silence, and the antidote is exposure, light. One of Scorpio’s core rulers is Mars, a planet of action, courage and bravery, keywords that hardly describe death, but defines life perfectly. For it isn’t death that we should fear, but a life unfulfilled and unlived.

Stop the procrastination, putting things off, comparing yourself with others, allowing your imagination to construct illusory stories that don’t benefit or nourish you, but work hard to become mindful of your uniqueness and qualities. 

Meditate upon the butterfly, a perfect symbol of metamorphosis and change. A creature that emerges from a dark chrysalis to transform into an example of renewal and freedom. Be like the butterfly, find the courage to break free from the safety of your limitations, and let your wings confidently open and take you into the most exciting chapters of your life. For the greatest mistake of all, is to be deceived by the illusion of death. For death is simply the closing of one door, as we open another, a perpetual cycle of transformation, development and growth.

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