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Privacy and confidentiality:

As an intensely private person, who cares deeply about others, I understand the sensitivity, importance and need from the client’s perspective to ensure their privacy and confidentiality.

To offer reassurance, I’ve worked with the public for decades, including many well-known personalities and celebrities. Many of these individuals are returning clients, so I’m obviously a trusted individual who takes their client’s privacy and confidentiality extremely seriously. Simply, what we discuss within the consultation setting will remain there.


I believe the trust between a client and their mentor is, without doubt, the bedrock of an effective and successful professional relationship, and I take great care to maintain this trust and reputation at all times.*

* As with all service providers, the only exception to this rule is when I’m legally obliged to inform appropriate bodies, if for example I was unduly concerned that there was a serious risk or harm to my client or others.

Discrimination and Equality:

For your peace of mind and reassurance. When booking a spiritual service with myself, you can be sure that you will be treated with the respect and dignity you should expect from an ethically minded, conscientious individual.

Regardless of your race, sexual orientation, gender, or any other descriptive used to define, potentially divide, polarise, or discriminate.

Without exception, fairness and equality is at the very heart and core of my ethics, spirituality, and being.

Subject-based services:

I take my responsibilities, boundaries, and limitations extremely seriously and work tirelessly to present my services as clearly as possible. While some of my services are listed under different life themes and topics, “Love & Relationships, Money & Finance, Health & Wellbeing, Work & Career”, etc.

It is important to recognise that I don’t offer advice related to issues that I am not legally permitted or qualified to provide, so the subject matters themselves. But will approach the individual exclusively from a spiritual perspective. Offering intuitively, soul-based guidance and insight with the aim to empower the individual to make more informed decisions.

I don’t offer medical advice or claim to diagnose, treat, heal, or cure conditions or illnesses. I don’t give advice specifically related to or regarding the law or legal issues. I’m not a psychologist, psychotherapist or suggesting that any of my services are a substitute for medical or non-clinical support.

In many ways, the whole premiss and purpose of my spiritual counsel and guidance is to aid the individual to lead the most informed, empowered, spiritually enriched life possible, nothing else.

You and you alone are responsible for your own life and the actions and decisions you take, and I don’t accept any responsibility for your actions. If you need advice and support regarding issues that are not spiritually based, then none of my services are suitable or appropriate for your needs, and I would strongly advise that you seek guidance and support from individuals and organisations who are qualified to help and advise you. 

Age restrictions policy:

You must be eighteen years of age or above to order one of my services.

While developing my Code of Ethics, like all metaphysical practitioners that offer their services to the public. There comes a time when they need to decide if their services are appropriate, so suitable for everyone or does there need to be a conditional, limitations policy in place.

As an ethically minded mentor, who is intolerant to all forms of discrimination, and as we are specifically discussing age here. I feel it is only right and proper to explain my decision to exclude my services to individuals under the age of eighteen, a decision that is ethically based and not discriminatory in nature.

To clarify, my decision to exclude minors has less to do with age, but rather the nature of the services I provide and the suitability for all individuals in that age group.

While I am more than aware that many under the age of eighteen are extremely mature, responsible, and intelligent individuals. Not all minors psychologically develop at the same rate. Therefore, this brings up some important ethical questions and considerations that I must take into account. With this in mind, I feel I have no other option if I wish to avoid discrimination than to set a universal age limitations policy.

However, there were many aspects to consider here, both from an ethical and legal perspective when determining my age limitations policy and after careful consideration I have decided to embrace the strictest code of conduct. Firstly, to protect the emotional well-being of my clients and secondly, to reinforce the efficacy of my practice and the level of professionalism and integrity of my work and the services I provide.

Mental Health Issues and my services:

 There has perhaps never been more awareness and discussion about mental health issues than in the present day. Yet sadly, there is still much misunderstanding, fear and prejudice surrounding the whole subject, and we in the complementary sector either tiptoe around the issue or close the door upon the whole subject in fear of crossing medical or legal boundaries. Leaving those living with mental health disorders feeling somewhat neglected and discriminated. Let alone deprived of the many blessings and advantages that a well-structured, carefully considered spiritual consultation can provide.

With this in mind, I would like to outline my own personal thoughts and position about this complex subject and whether I believe my services are suitable, helpful or indeed appropriate for everyone.

To be clear, none of the services I provide are medically based or intended to replace the guidance and advice from healthcare professionals. I’m not a doctor; I don’t possess any medical knowledge or qualifications. Neither am I suggesting or advising that any of my services are replacements or substitutions for these types of support and services. If you’re seeking a diagnosis, mental health advice, or treatment with mental health issues or indeed any other medical concerns for that matter, then none of my services are suitable or appropriate for your needs.

If you’re unsure if you have or experiencing mental health issues, particularly if undiagnosed or untreated, then I would encourage you to explore your symptoms and feelings with a licensed healthcare professional. While this isn’t a condition or requirement imposed by myself before you can access any of my services, but rather a few suggestions that I believe will help you understand and address any potential health care needs. However, if you feel unstable or worried that you could harm yourself or others, then none of the services I provide are suitable or appropriate for your complex needs and requirements; in such instances, I would strongly encourage you to seek immediate medical guidance and support. Mental health issues aren’t something to be trivialised or treated with contempt but approached with the same importance and urgency as other potentially serious medical health concerns.

As a responsible, ethically conscientious spiritual mentor, if at any time I believe that my services aren’t suitable, helping, or appropriate for your needs and circumstances. Then I will discuss my concerns with you and advise how you can find more suitable guidance and support. 

To conclude, the only purpose of my services are metaphysical in nature. A set of carefully crafted products and services exclusively developed to guide and support the individual from a spiritual perspective, nothing else.

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