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Six of Swords


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“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”
By Steve Maraboli

“We must all face our demons sooner or later.”

By Matt Abrams

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Six of Swords

Within this young ladies’ hands is a small wooden box tightly closed, the troubles she has stored upon her journey, the baggage, dilemmas and concerns she has mindfully placed within this burdensome little container. Don’t be fooled, for the weight of the box way exceeds its size, as she has packed it well, this is why she holds it with such focus and anticipation, as she knows it’s time to face her demons, fumble through the dark rooms of her shadows, to confront all that is weighing upon her weary shoulders, the issues that are challenging her mind.

The boat within the scene is stable, but ladened with swords, these are the thoughts that are most central, lay heavy upon her mind. While she is anxious about her journey, she knows the place where she is departing holds far to much pain, memories that are holding her back. 

She doesn’t travel alone, for there is a wise figure guiding her way, we know he is important as he carries the glyph of the Sun above his head. A symbol of the divine, a wise one, full of power, protection and light. This is the light that guides her, the same light that walks by your side. 

Sometimes we have no other choice than to find the courage to walk away. Not always in a physical way, but in a more phycological and spiritual sense. A place where we can find just enough detachment to see our issues from a new perspective. The space needed to sit quietly, to focus upon our little box of problems, a time to journal, purge our worries and thoughts, lay our secrets bare. The time to carefully consider our life, where we are heading, what we want and more importantly, what we need to change to realise our hopes and dreams. 

In many ways, the message of the Six of Swords is relatively straight forward, but the courage needed to make those transitions are not. But here’s the choice and dilemma, the hole in the boat if you like. While you can stay as you are, decline the invitation to move forward, keep filling your box with pain. Sooner or later, not only will your boat become increasingly impossible to steer, the advantages of confronting your issues may become too difficult or demanding to change!

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