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Six of Pentacles

Six of Disk-Coins

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Six of Pentacles: Universal Waite Tarot Deck By Mary Hanson-Roberts.
“Teach your children, “love your neighbor like your family”, but “not because it is a Christian thing to do, rather because it is a human thing to do.”
By Abhijit Naskar

“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”

By Roy T. Bennett

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Six of Pentacles

Today’s important card, the Six of Pentacles brings unity and balance between two deeply compatible elements, earth, and water, and what do you get when we bring water to fertile ground? The potential of germination and growth! 

This wonderful septet card follows the challenging five, and what a lovely energy she brings too. I say “she” as the moon is linked with the High Priestess, as she joyfully waltzes into the second decan of Taurus, for the moon is exalted, so at home in this earthy natured sign, bringing the Goddesses mystical understanding and insight. Wisdom in the form of hidden knowledge, the holder of secrets, mother of the subconscious, keeper of truths. 

The esoteric title of this rebalancing card is “Lord of Material Success”, and you don’t need to be Sherlock to work that one out. Traditionally a card that brings good fortune, as Taurus is an earth sign, so rewards related to matter, health, and wealth.

There is a challenging and moral principle to this symbiotic universe. For nothing we do is without consequence. Treat someone in an unkind or uncharitable way, and this negative energy will manifest in the contributor’s life too. Not in a simplistic tit-for-tat manner, but often the consequence of our actions are more subtle, less noticeable, masked in the dilution of life. But make no mistake, if you poke the universe, she will poke you back. 

Today’s card, the materialistic Six of Pentacles, is a timely reminder, not to just hold your hand out and expect something in return, but also a card of giving, a card that reaches out to those who are less fortunate than ourselves, to bring the charity of the great Goddess to their needs. Let the love of the Moon Priestess work through you and in doing this sacred act; she will draw close, pull you to her side, and share her wisdom and secrets in return. 

There is a beautiful passage within the sacred Torah, the book she holds tight, “Love your neighbour as yourself”, as to neglect another is like turning your face away from the most broken aspect of yourself. For your spiritual state is most powerfully defined in the way you approach the suffering and needs of others. 

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