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Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck Change

Let your light shine

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Sacred Destiny Oracle: By Denise Linn
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck Change

Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck Change

When this lovely card arrives within a reading, it brings the possibility of change. A shift from one state to another, typically welcomed and needed.

Like a great slab of ice fashioned over the course of the harshest of winters, your environment is about to change; stagnant energies are moving, new possibilities are budding, new openings and opportunities are about to unfold. 

While change is part of the great cycle of life, not all change will feel comfortable; we can feel the bite of fear rearing its ugly head, things can feel unfamiliar and unstable, as the old patterns and routines begin to shift and move.

Take time out to focus upon these energies, note how you feel, a time to sense the gentle waves of movement as your life steadily and progressively moves into better times. 

Don’t permit fear to tarnish this transition, for it is needed; these changes are happening for a reason. For the universe has mysterious ways of correcting, rebalancing and moving its children into more fruitful and fertile lands. 

The universe is in a constant state of change and flux, a continuous shift from one state to another. Physics validates this mystical truth, for energy simply transforms, for there are no beginnings or endings, just a perpetual cycle of development and transition. You’re encouraged to go with the flow, to permit yourself to become the observer, for life has a beautiful way of rebalancing and resolving in the most appropriate and magical of ways. 

We are presented with a simple choice, resist, and we will progressively experience deeper challenge and suffering. This is the consequence of opposing the natural order and nature of life. For we are part of the whole, when the universe moves, we simultaneously move together. Embrace this change, for this is the evidence that your life is perfectly developing and unfolding.

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