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Sacred Destiny Oracle - Courage

Sacred Destiny Oracle

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“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
By Anais Nin
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The Courage Card from The Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck, By Denise Linn

Sacred Destiny Oracle – Courage

Fatalism is a belief that life has an inevitable outcome based upon a fixed blueprint, that many believe we slavishly follow and fulfil. Not only do these types of ideas inhibit personal development and growth, but they remove personal autonomy and responsibility, lessening the incentive for the individual to seek a more independent and successful way forward. 

There is an interesting link between individuals who accept these types of philosophies and those who follow a more self-governing and progressive position. Simply, if we embrace and accept a limiting belief system, then we shouldn’t be too surprised if we don’t experience the most fulfilling and accomplished life. In so many ways, we are what we think; our beliefs can either liberate or tether us to ideas that no longer work or serve us. Thoughts that imprison us within illusory walls that prevent us from fully expressing our true potential and nature.

Today’s oracle card is marked with the keyword “Courage”; the message is clear and straightforward. Explore your own thoughts and ideas. For it takes great courage to follow a path that rejects archaic beliefs that in truth may not have been fully worked through or explored. Beliefs that many simply recite without fully understanding the implications and consequence upon their personal and others lives. 

Let your intuition guide you, while finding the strength to explore your own thoughts and ideas, surrendering dogma that limits your progression, freedom and growth. 

Stand in your own light and let no one tell you what to believe. It’s your life, your spiritual path and journey. Be bold, walk your path fearlessly, with confidence, conviction and courage. 

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