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“The tarot is a symbolic codex of seventy-eight sacred keys that bridge the conscious and subconscious minds in a powerful and effective way. It represents a symbiotic synthesis of faith and trust. When properly understood and utilized, it can forge a powerful link with the mind and the spirit realm, bringing new insight, messages of guidance, revelation, and knowledge.”
“I know of no other spiritual tool as exciting, empowering and healing as the tarot.”
“Let the cards speak. Don’t try to limit their voice, but let the message flow freely, a partnership of mutual respect, cooperation and trust.”
“You never really master the tarot, but learn to accept that you will always be an apprentice of a system that is constantly changing and evolving.”
“Tarot is a completely unique and powerful Qabbalistic tool, a physical way to interact with the tree of life in a symbolic, yet tactile, way. It is a device that helps the practitioner access the great mysteries through the creative lens of the imagination. To navigate the path of the Western traditions and its unique magical language and secrets.”
“Tarot cards are symbolic portals, not fixed definitions. True reading invites exploration, not recitation. Each card suggests a path, but the journey is unique. Like a library door promising books, the exact stories are revealed by the reader’s intuition and inspiration within the moment. Not fixed meanings and statements.”
“Tarot isn’t an academic pursuit, but an intuitive endeavour. A powerful way to interact with the intuition and the realms of the unknown.”
“Many tarot readers gravitate towards a specific tradition or system, with the Tarot of Marseilles, Rider-Waite, and Thoth being particularly popular. However, over time, their interpretations become a unique blend of traditional knowledge, personal insights, and intuitive storytelling, shaped by their individual experiences and perspectives.”

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