Spiritual Quotes About Belief

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“Let go of all spiritual beliefs that separate you from your fellow beings. Love and cooperation is the only way.”
“You are absolutely amazing, know it, believe it, live it!”
“We can’t please everyone, and despite our feelings, we should work upon ourselves to accept this universal truth. Embrace your true authenticity, learn to appreciate your utter uniqueness and have the courage to express your individualism and share that magnificent light with the world.”
“No matter what happens in your life, never allow yourself to believe that you’re not good enough.”
“The believer, skeptic and agnostic have one thing in common, they are all deeply committed to their faith.”
“While we may embrace different spiritual ideas and beliefs. All of our journeys will conclude at the one sacred source of love.”
“Unfortunately, there is so much negativity directed towards individuals who choose to embrace alternative spiritual paths. Many are forced to practice in isolation, fear exposure, ridicule and even violence. Ironically, often by the same individuals who speak of a God of peace, tolerance, and love.“
“It’s only when we experience challenging times in life, do we begin to appreciate the true nature and worth of our spiritual knowledge and beliefs.”

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