Spiritual Quotes About Awareness

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“The soul is like a beautiful garden, from time to time we need to bring our awareness within, to gently tease away all thoughts, habits and negative patterns that serve you and others no good. Thoughts that prevent you from attaining your true authentic self and infinite potential and joy.”
“Your experience of the world is largely based upon the areas of life that you choose to focus upon. If you centre your awareness upon the negative, then you will experience the negative. Likewise, if you concentrate your thoughts upon the positive, not only will you experience the joys of life, but you will attract that specific energy, vibration, so reality.”
“When we truly understand that guilt like all thoughts is just energy sustained by ourselves. We instantly move our awareness from a passive state of hopelessness and despair, into a position of power and control.”
“In the stillness of meditation, a beautiful conundrum always crosses my mind. What part of me is observing this sacred moment, and what part of me has stepped away?”
“Meditation is a beautiful observation of the moment. Bring your thoughts to your higher self, and open your mind to the source.”
“Don’t think of the universe as something that is outside of you, but within, as there are no spectators of the cosmos. For that which observes is evidence that the universe is living, breathing and conscious.”
“One of the most effective ways to refine the soul is to lovingly observe, manage and refine your thoughts.”
“In a world that is becoming increasingly materialistic, it’s good to bring our awareness within, to reconnect with the inner sanctuary and silence of the soul.”
Depression is often sustained by negative critical thinking, typically rooted in the past. Try to bring your awareness to the beautiful truth that all is possible in the moment. Know that depression is only a distorted interpretation of the real you, who is quietly resting, protected and safe, to emerge with renewed vigour, meaning and joy.”

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