Spiritual Quotes About Ambition

A collection of inspirational & empowering quotes

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“Our ambitions prepare the ground for seeding, our thoughts scatter the seeds in our wake, our faith is the force that germinates, and our fruits are the harvest we reap.”
“We can’t please everyone, and despite our feelings, we should work upon ourselves to accept this universal truth. Embrace your true authenticity, learn to appreciate your utter uniqueness and have the courage to express your individualism and share that magnificent light with the world.”
“No matter what happens in your life, never allow yourself to believe that you’re not good enough.”
“One day in the not too distant future, it will be far too late to reach out and embrace your ambitions and dreams. Better to have tried and failed, than to carry the heavy burden of pain and regret.”
“While the pursuit of our dreams is a worthy occupation, we should be mindful not to see the journey as the means to an end, but a time to appreciate and enjoy.”

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