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Mercury Oracle Card: Barbieri Zodiac Oracle

The messenger of the gods

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Barbieri Zodiac Oracle Cards By Paolo Barbieri & Barbara Moore
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Mercury Oracle Card: Barbieri Zodiac Oracle

Mercury Oracle Card

Today’s card centres around the planet Mercury, named after the Roman messenger of the gods. From an astrological perspective, this quick-moving planet represents how we think and communicate.  

Behind thought resides great power, say a positive word to a stranger, and they can be uplifted for the day. Equally, receive a negative remark, and we can carry those hurtful words for days, even years! 

Today’s card invites us to become mindful of the words we use towards ourselves. For well-intended thoughts can add traction and development to our progress, while negative and self-critical thinking, is like damp within a building, they begin to rot the very fabric and foundation of our confidence and wellbeing. 

Earlier I mentioned how Mercury was known for his agility and swiftness, this is important and central for today’s message. For there is a need to speed up your awareness and reaction to negative self-talk, to observe the inner dialogue that you use upon a moment to moment basis. Like a child who steps out of line, be quick to interrupt and guide your thinking back into a more positive and fruitful direction. For the key to a confident and productive soul, is a mind that is furnished with a positive environment, thoughts that are well intended, empowering and self-affirming.  

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