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I’ve worked in the field of spirituality for almost thirty years and had the privilege of guiding hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. It’s my calling, passion, and reason for being.

Knight of Swords

Armoured & resolute, he charges on a white horse, sword raised.

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“A sharp mind can pierce armor, but a cold heart risks losing the war.”
By D Cunliffe

"The Knight of Swords charges, a storm in his wake. His blade is keen, mind sharp, but victory won through fury alone crumbles to dust. True conquest lies in wielding reason's reins, for even the fiercest storm can be steered by a steady hand."

By D Cunliffe

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Knight of Swords

Rain lashed against the windows of the high-rise office, mirroring the storm brewing within Anya. A fresh graduate with a mind as sharp as her tailored power suit, she held the Knight of Swords tarot card in her hand, a gift from her eccentric grandmother. Anya scoffed – such superstition! Yet, the image of the armoured knight charging recklessly resonated with her current situation.

Anya had just been passed over for a promotion – a promotion she undeniably deserved. Numbers didn’t lie,and her sales figures were stellar. But the new client, a prestigious tech firm, required a delicate touch. Her brash, “by-the-book” approach, while effective, had alienated the client’s sensitive CEO, a woman named Ms. Abbot. The role went to a competitor, someone with less experience but a charming demeanour.

Fury bubbled within Anya. She stormed into her manager’s office, Sarah, a seasoned woman with a knowing smile.Anya clutched the Knight of Swords, a burning presence in her pocket. She was ready to unleash a verbal tirade – facts,figures, and the sheer injustice of it all. But before she could launch into her assault, Sarah held up a hand.

“Anya,” Sarah said gently, “the world of business isn’t just a battlefield of logic and numbers. It’s about people. You’re brilliant, but sometimes, winning requires finesse, not just force.”

Anya bristled, but the wisdom in Sarah’s words struck a chord. Shamefaced, she retreated to her desk. The Knight of Swords mocked her from her pocket. Maybe it wasn’t just about charging ahead. Maybe there was another way.

The next day, Anya approached Ms. Abbot directly, not with a scathing argument, but with a genuine apology for any missteps and a heartfelt offer to understand Ms. Abbot perspective. She presented alternative solutions, focusing on a win-win scenario. To her surprise, Ms. Abbot was receptive. Anya’s sincerity, coupled with her undeniable competence, won her over.

While she didn’t secure the initial promotion, Ms. Abbot offered her a different, challenging project – one that required both her sharp mind and newfound diplomacy. Anya thrived. She learned to navigate the emotional landscape of business, wielding her intellect not as a weapon, but as a tool for collaboration.

Looking back at the Knight of Swords card, Anya no longer saw recklessness. She saw a powerful force, but one that needed a guiding hand. The lesson was clear: ambition fuelled success, but true victory came from understanding the human equation, balancing logic with compassion, and wielding power with grace. The storm outside had subsided,replaced by a newfound clarity within Anya, a clarity that promised a future far brighter than any promotion.

Anya tucked the Knight of Swords card safely back into her drawer. While she still scoffed at the idea of blind faith, a seed of respect for the wisdom her grandmother held so dear had been planted. Perhaps, the cards weren’t about predicting the future, but about offering cryptic nudges, metaphors woven into imagery that resonated with the inner self. Maybe, her grandmother wasn’t so eccentric after all. Maybe, the truest form of power wasn’t just conquering the business battlefield, but wielding reason with a touch of intuition, a lesson from the Knight of Swords, and her departed grandmother, had both imparted.

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