RWS - Tarot Card Keywords & Phrases

TAROT KEYWORDS: Copyright © 23/07/2024 – David Cunliffe, all rights reserved.

Major Arcana

The 22 Trumps Tarot Keywords

0 The Fool

UPRIGHT: New beginnings, Free thinker, Adventure, Potentiality, inexperienced, Impulsive, Spontaneity, Leap of faith, Free spirit, Unrestrained, Take a risk, Childlike, Carefree, Fearless behaviour, Innocence, New journey, Unshackled, Improvisor, Originality, Freedom, 

REVERSED: Foolish behaviour, Lack of direction, Hastey, Risk-taking, Stupidity, Reckless, Unresponsible, Resisting change, Naïve, Gullible, Inexperience, Novice, Closed-off from advice, Folly, Joker, Careless, Unaware, Risk-taker, Unpredictable, Erratic, Chaos, Poor judgement,

1 The Magician

UPRIGHT: Skilled magician, Adept, Charmer, Extremely powerful, Capable, Determined, Allure, Dexterity, Well resourced, Initiative, Ingenious, Quick-witted, Intelligent, Capable, Alchemist, Master of communication, Manifestation, Mediator, Medium, Persuasion, Confidence, Magical, Conduit, Initiator, Magical practitioner, 

REVERSED: Manipulative, Conjurer, Cunning, Deceptive, Ill intentions, Trickster, Lack of energy, Unskilled, Smoke and mirrors, Controlling, Narcissistic, Illusionist, Communication blocks, Crafty, Underhanded, Trickery, Deceit, Controlling, 

2 The High Priestess

UPRIGHT: Secret knowledge, Intuition, Vailed language, Instinctive, Passivity, Divination, Things yet to be revealed, Psychic, Sixth sense, Extrasensory perception, Fortune-telling, Mystic, Mystery, Clairvoyant, Receptive, Subconscious, Spiritual insight, Devine feminine, Hidden knowledge, Goddess energy, Guardian of the spirit world, Open to spirit, Intuitive,  

REVERSED: Secretive, Information withheld, Cryptic, Aloof, Lack of transparency, Detached, Reticent with knowledge, Unclear, Evasive, Spiritually deluded, 

3 The Empress

UPRIGHT: Maternal, Female, Matriarch, Goddess, The Great Mother, Maiden, Mother, Crone, Motherly, Mother earth, Procreation, The material world, Feminine, Creation, Womanhood, Creativity, Child-bearer, Growth, Fertility, Pregnancy, Protective, Supportive, Nurturing, Abundance, Loving, Birth, Conception, Compassion, Caring, Nature, Tender, Beauty, Devine feminine, Environmentalist, Romantic, Devoted, Womb,

REVERSED: Unmotherly, Uncreative, Barren, Neglectful, Non-maternal,  

4 The Emperor

UPRIGHT: Authoritarianism, Power, Will, Commander, Sovereignty, Patriarch, Master, Masculine, Action, Ambitious, Establishment, Strategist, Law and order, Structure, Society, Stability, Leadership, Rulership, Fatherhood/father-figure, Wisdom, Wise man, Government, Chief, Protection, Control, Organised, Traditionalist, Dependable, Maturity, Respect, Ambitious, Disciplinarian, Responsible, Mighty,

REVERSED: Controlling, Bossy, Aggressive, Argumentative, Fiery, Overbearing, Domineering, Disciplinarian, Rigidity, Tyrant, Dictator, Unemotional, Stubborn, Protectiveness, Undisciplined, Recklessness, Tyrannical, Tyranny, Oppressive,

5 The Hierophant

UPRIGHT: Spirituality, Faith, Beliefs, Worship, Teacher, Spiritual guidance, Counselling, Religion, Religiosity, Religious, Prophecy, Guide, Priestly, Heritage, Learning, Knowledge, Traditionalist, Instructor, Establishment, Structure, Rituals, Conventionalism, Mercy, Educator, Kindness, Goodness, Orthodoxy, Metaphysical advisor, Marriage, Blessings, Counsel or advice, Devine revelation, Learned knowledge, Formality, Mentorship, Earthly powers, Divinity, 

REVERSED: Conservative, Non-conformity, Nonconformist, rebel, outcast, Anti-establishment, Servitude, Controlling, Narrow-minded, Bigotry, Prejudice, Judgmental, Spiritually blinkered and proscriptive, Spiritually manipulative, Captivity, Religious Authority, False mediator of God, 

6 The Lovers

UPRIGHT: Duality, Marriage, Relationship, Decision making, Partnership, Harmony, Balance, Sharing, Give and take, Attraction, True love, Choice, Companionship, Blessings, Love, Romance, Passion, Cooperation, Equilibrium, Devotion, Friendship, Commitment, Enchantment, Finding true love, Making a moral choice, Sexual union, Proof and evidence, Beauty and attractiveness, Mediumistic insight, Relatedness, Gnosis, 

REVERSED: Repulsion, Incompatibility, Disappointed in love, Seduction, Inharmonious, Opposites, Opposition, Divorce, Doubts concerning relationship, Bad choice, Temptation, Betrayal, Disloyalty, Failure, Bad relationship, Lack of communication, Unfaithful, Temptations, Inappropriate desires,

7 The Chariot

UPRIGHT: Victory, Triumph, Drive, Travel, Transport, Focus, Self-discipline, Success, Ambition, Control, Command over willpower, Determination, Triumph, Overcoming obstacles, vengeance, trouble, determination, controlling opposing forces, Self-mastery, Establishing clear boundaries, Going for it, 

REVERSED: Out of control, Lack of direction, Unfocused, Transport or travel problems, Struggle to keep on track, overthrown, riot, obstacles in the way, inability to complete projects and  tasks, 

8 Strength

UPRIGHT: Inner strength, Energy, Force, Sexual instincts, Courage, Fortitude, Bravery, Heroism, Resilience, Vitality, Action, Power and might, Tenderness, Control, Compassion, Strength of character, Self-awareness, Mastery of the will, Self-esteem, Grit, Animal instinct, Wildness, Libido, Sexual drive, 

REVERSED: Weakness, Force, Losing strength, Becoming weaker, Domination, Cowardice, Lack of courage, Abuse of power, Sexually perverse, 

9 The Hermit

UPRIGHT: The wise old man, the sage, The philosopher, Wisdom, Soul searching, Deliberation, Meditation, Contemplation, Solitude, Mentorship, Inner guidance, Introspection, Spiritual guidance, Spiritual advice, Pilgrim, Spiritual retreat, Withdrawal, Pursuit of knowledge, Prayer, Divine inspiration, Illumination, Philosophy, Nourishment of the soul,

REVERSED: Isolation, Detachment, Introverted, Dark night of the soul, Depression, Loneliness, 

10 The Wheel of Fortune

UPRIGHTGood luck, Destiny, Karma, Change, Turning point, Life cycles, Fortune, Expansion, Win, Success, Gambling, Movement, The tide is changing, Unexpected events,

REVERSED: Bad luck, Change of circumstances, Resistance to change, Lack of control, Unable to control situations, delays,

11 Justice

UPRIGHT: Justice, Truth, The law, Fairness, Equality, Accomplishment, Balance, Harmony, Honesty, Morality, Intellectual, Call to do the right thing, 

REVERSED: Injustice, Unfairness, Dishonesty, Immorality, Corruption, Fraud, Lies, Deceit, Repercussions, 

12 The Hanged Man

UPRIGHT: New perspective, Self-sacrifice, Surrender, Let go, Trials, Limbo, Feeling trapped, Suspension, Trials, Procrastination, Hanging around, Inner work, Self-reliance, 

REVERSED: Martyrdom, Suffering, Torment, Ridiculer, Stubborn, Left high and dry, 

13 Death

UPRIGHT: Death, Severe illness, End of a cycle, Destruction, Transformation, Transition, Decay, Stagnancy, Suffering, Renewal, Mortality, End of situation, Conclusion, Endings, Change, Letting go, Close of situation, Evolution, Changeover, Deterioration,

REVERSED: Resurrection, Rebirth, Release, Renewal, Revitalisation, 

14 Temperance

UPRIGHT: Balance, Harmony, Mixing, Transformation, Equilibrium, Convergent, Tolerant, Act of alchemy, Neutral, Coming together, Blending, Patience, Moderation, Abstinence, Metamorphosis, Harmonious balance, Cooperation, 

REVERSED: Imbalance, Disharmony, Lack of patience,

15 The Devil

UPRIGHT: Material world, Sexuality, Bondage, Delusion, Attachment, Lust and desire, Entrapment, Restriction, Temptation, Materialism, Deception, Physical pleasures, Feeling trapped, Unhealthy relationships, Fear, Deceiver, Charlatan, Trickery, Addiction, Sickness and illness, limiting beliefs, Detachment, Shadow self, 

REVERSED: Addiction, Weakness, Sin, Sneaky, Lies, Manipulation, Loss of faith, Exploitation, Deviancy, Predatory, Dark thoughts, Depression, Perversions, Depravity, Abuse, Seduction,

16 The Tower

UPRIGHT: Immediate change, Disaster, Destruction, Catastrophe, Change of circumstances, Fall of the ego, Downfall, Structural changes, Call to reassess your lifestyle, Danger, Sudden shift in events, Accident or damage, Renovation, Unexpected change, Illness, Losses, Obstacles, Volatile situation, Drastic changes, 

REVERSED: Rebuild, Liberation, Renewal, Reconstruction, 

17 The Star

UPRIGHT: Hope, Healing, Harmony, Peace, Spirituality, Blessings, Inspiration, Faith, Wish, Cleansing, Renewal, Recovery, Positivity, Rejuvenation, Recovery, 

REVERSED: Vulnerability, Despair, Hopelessness, negativity, Loss of faith, Despondent,

18 The Moon

UPRIGHT: Subconscious, Delusion, Hidden, Deception, Fear, Illusion, Imagination, Introspect, Reflection, Unclear, Cycles, Sensitivity, Dreams, Confusion,

REVERSED: Shadow work, Blind to reality, Danger, Darkness, 

19 The Sun

UPRIGHT: The self, Ego, Illumination, Happiness, Enlightenment, Celebration, Joy, Success, Positivity, Life source, Self-expression, Individuality, Confidence, self-expression, Knowledge, Seed of creativity, Vitality, 

REVERSED: Shadow, Darkness, 

20 The Judgment

UPRIGHT: Judgment, Awakening, Change of position, Call to reassess, Rebirth, Redemption, Overly critical, Outcome, Self-judgment, retribution, Inner calling, New opportunities, 

REVERSED: Judgmental, Self-critical, Karmic debt, Poor logic, Poor or hasty judgement, Self-doubt, Stagnation,

21 The World

UPRIGHT: Success, Euphoria, Achievement, Celebration, Liberation, Accomplishment, Completion, End of journey, Fulfilment, Satisfaction, Wholeness, Integration, salvation,

REVERSED: Contraction, Opportunities missed, Failure, Delays, Short-cuts, Missed opportunities, Goals not reached,

Minor Arcana

The Suit of Wands
Fire: Tarot Keywords

Ace of Wands

UPRIGHT:  The source of life, Spirit, Passion, New Ventures, New ideas, Success, Good luck, Inspiration, The root of action, The source of the will, Consciousness, Burst of energy, Impulse, Thrust of energy, The seed of fire, Sexual energy, Invention, Entrepreneurship, Vitality, Creativity, fertility, Motion, Creation, invention, enterprise, the source of power, the seed of a new venture, 


Two of Wands

UPRIGHT:  Choice of action, Planning, forward movement, Progression, Development, Anticipation, Weighing up options, Travel or movement possible, Temptation to break away, About to make an important decision, Considering next step, Contemplating, Waiting for news, Preparing to stick out, Feeling in control and confident,


Three of Wands

UPRIGHT: Awaiting the results of something you’ve worked upon, Established a level of balance, In a position of creativity and expansion, Self-Assurance, Satisfaction and pride, Overseeing your work, Expanding your business and empire, Your hard work is coming together, A feeling of pride and expansion, Business opportunities from afar, News from overseas, Trade, expansion and growth possibly from abroad.


Four of Wands

UPRIGHT:  Celebrations and happiness, First tangle results, Harmony between people or groups, Homecoming, Peace and tranquillity, Balance and stability, Wealth and Prosperity, Wedding, Ritual, Ceremony, A time of harvest, Aa state of being calm and composed, Relaxation, A happy feeling and place,


Five of Wands

UPRIGHT:  A state of quarrels and disagreement, Differences of opinions, Competitiveness, Strife and struggle, Tensions, battle, fights and conflict, Wrangles and disputes, The argument may be won, but the war isn’t over, Inner discipline and control may be needed, Stress and Anxiety, Resentment and anger, 


Six of Wands

UPRIGHT: Victory and triumph, Public praise and admiration, Self- assurance and confidence, Success and achievement, Good news, Fame and recognition, Praise and approval, Satisfaction and pride, Community endorsement, Respect and regard, Reward and acknowledgement,


Seven of Wands

UPRIGHT: Fighting your corner, Protection, Upper hand, Challenge, Pushback, Defence, Gaining advantage, Competition, Perseverance, Advantage, Dominance, leverage, Leg up, Battle, Fight your corner, Stand up for yourself, Stand your ground, Make a stand, Fightback, Supremacy, Self-defence,

REVERSED: Exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, giving up, Fear of defeat, Relentless challenge, Dominance, Overbearing, Domineering,

Eight of Wands

UPRIGHT: Speed up, Swift action, Great haste, Unify, Travel, Flight, News, Letters, Need to unify, Parallel thinking, Race, Haste, Rush, Hurry, Holidays, Busy times, Movement, Sexual impulse, Working in unison, Collective direction, Make a move, Act with precision and focus, Trajectory, Direction, Linear thinking, 

REVERSED: Uncoordinated

Nine of Wands

UPRIGHT: Exhausted, Overworked, Protective, Persistence, Courage, On guard, Vigilance, Feeling wounded, Dog fight, Resilience, Test of faith, Boundaries, Territorial, Protecting one’s interests, Battered and bruised, On the defence, Inner resources, Defensiveness, Struggle, In the wars, Feeling overwhelmed, Feeling paranoid, Overly protective,


Ten of Wands

UPRIGHT: Hard Work, Feeling overwhelmed, Overburdened, Overextending oneself beyond one’s limits, Struggles, Suppression, Saddled and Encumbered, Responsibility, Hard slog coming to an end, Obligations, Oppression, Pain before the gain, Exhaustion,  


Page of Wands

UPRIGHT: Adventures, Curious, Passionate, Sexuality, Learner, Inspiration, Adolescence, Practical Joker, New idea, New path, The birth of something creative, New life and opportunities, Energetic, Live wire, Nuisance, Irritable, Immaturity, 


Knight of Wands

UPRIGHT: Hot-headed, Jack the lad, Fiery, Sexually active, Impulsive, Unpredictability, Adventures, Confident, Pushy, Brave, Charmer, Charismatic, Short-tempered, Argent, Aggression, Reckless, Violent, 


Queen of Wands

UPRIGHT: Independent, Confidence, Sexually active and promiscuous, Strong feminine values, Seductive, Ambitious, Outgoing, Extrovert, Theatrical, Actor/Actress, Strong-willed, Charismatic, Exhibitionist, Compulsive, Dramatic, Bossy, Jealous, Bolshy, Tantrums, Demanding, Diva, Difficult, Vanity, Stroppy 

REVERSED: Bad-tempered, Ill-tempered, 

King of Wands

UPRIGHT: Business leader, Charismatic, Forceful, Powerful, Leadership, Presidential, Egotistical, Loud, Self-reliant, Independent, Impulsive, Fun, Overbearing, Controlling, Bossy, Heavy-handed, Headstrong, Vain and narcissistic, Jack the lad, Loud show-off, Showy and flashy, Extrovert, Socialite,


The Suit of Cups

Water: Tarot Keywords

Ace of Cups

UPRIGHT: New relationships, Gift from the divine, Compassion, Creativity, Root of love, Offer of love, Positive opening, New romance, Love, Happiness, Joy, Conception, Fertility, Pregnancy, Celebrations, Socialising


Two of Cups

UPRIGHT: Love, Relationship, Partnership, Marriage, Unification, Compatibility, Connectivity, Engagements, Attraction, Soulmates, Brotherhood, Twin flams, Equality, Harmony, Balance, Alliance, Proposals, Mutual respect, Self-love, break-ups, Disharmony, Separation, Mistrust, Distrust, Quarrel, Arguments, Incompatibility, 


Three of Cups

UPRIGHT: Celebrations, Good-Times, Teamwork, Union, Reunions, Creative partnership, Coming together, Happy Times, Success, Harmony, Working together, Cheers, Toast, Threes a crowd, Competitiveness, 


Four of Cups

UPRIGHT: Blind to opportunities, Sulking, Brooding, Tunnelled vision, Trapped by negative feelings, Procrastination, Blindspot, Fixation, Narrow-Mindedness, One-track mind, Fixation, Doubt, Lacklustre, Introspection, 


Five of Cups

UPRIGHT: Grief, Sorrow, Sadness, Despair, Pessimism, It’s no use crying over spilt milk, Regret, Failure, Disappointment, Emotional pain, Unable to see a way forward, Unable to move on, Depression, Low Spirits, Feeling grief-stricken, Too focused upon the past, Healing emotional wounds, Unable to see resources, Time to move on, Not all is lost,  


Six of Cups

UPRIGHT: Childhood, Memories, Happy times, Indulgence, Nostalgia, Exchange of gifts, Revisiting the past, History, Joy, Feeling overwhelmed, Too many choices, Wishful thinking,

REVERSED: Melancholy, Longing, Living in the past, Overly influenced by the past, Desire to return to the past, Childhood abuse, Healing from the past, Seeing the past through rose-coloured spectacles, Past melancholy, 

Seven of Cups

UPRIGHT: Choices, Confusion, Over choice, Illusion, Spiritual decisions, Too many possibilities, Opportunities, Wishful thinking, Decision Making, Soul Searching, Dreaming, Daydreaming, Vision, visualisation, contemplation, Scrying

REVERSED: Unable to make a choice, Overwhelmed, Intoxication, 

Eight of Cups

UPRIGHT: Emigration, abandonment, Search for something deeper, Feeling something is missing in your life, Disappointment, Withdrawal, Escapism, Turning your back and walk away, Time to move, 


Nine of Cups

UPRIGHT: The wish card, Wishes fulfilled, Gratitude, Contentment, Satisfaction, Wish come true, Rewords of effort, Showcase your talent, Pride and proud, Abundance, Proud as punch, 

REVERSEDOverly indulgence, Gluttony, Smugness,


Ten of Cups

UPRIGHT: Happy family, Contentment, Harmony, Divine love, Blissful times, Happy relationships, Alignment, Fulfilment, Satisfaction, Happy Ever After, Perfection, Happy home, Joy, Celebrations, Good times, Security,

REVERSED: Family disagreements and quarrels, 

Page of Cups

UPRIGHT: Sensitive, Pleasant news, Emotional, Spiritual, Reflective, Artistic, Emotionally conceived, Thoughtful, Helpful, Innocent, Youthful, immature, Caring, Reflective, Flamboyant, In touch with spirit, Insightful,   

REVERSEDWithdrawn, Introverted, Attachment, Deep, Hidden, Immature, Needy, Fearful,    

Knight of Cups

UPRIGHT: Knight in shining armour, New relationship, Invitation, Romantic, Charmer, Follow your heart, Invitations, Proposals of a romantic nature, Peacemaker, Heartthrob, Dreamer, Charming,

REVERSED: Unrealistic, Idealist, Emotionally obsessive, Heartbreaker, Obsessive, Romantic backup, Love affair, Seduction, Vain, 

Queen of Cups

UPRIGHT: Empath, Counsellor, Trustworthy, Intuitive, Tender, Gentle, In touch with their emotions, Unconditional love, Kind, Wise, Understanding, Spiritually attuned, Thinks with her heart, Protective, 

REVERSED: Emotionally manipulative, Overly protective, Excessively emotional, Needy, 

King of Cups

UPRIGHT: Father figure, Emotionally stable, Diplomat, Loyal, A wise person, Supportive, Experienced, Tolerant, Family oriented, Dedicated and devout, Trustworthy, Laid-Back, Adviser, 

REVERSED: Emotionally controlling, Demanding, Emotionally unstable, Overtly sensitive, Unreliable, Intolerant, 

The Suit of Swords

Air: Tarot Keywords

Ace of Swords

UPRIGHT: Mental clarity, Inspiration, New idea, Breakthrough, Focus, Truth, Cutting through confusion, News, Cut through the fog, Need for clear thinking, Innovation, A moment of lucidity, Triumph, Precise language, Quick-witted, Flash of inspiration, Call for clarity,     

REVERSED: Confusion, Miscommunication, Poor communication, Lack of clarity, Indecision,

Two of Swords

UPRIGHT: Difficult Decisions, Choice, Dialogue, Mental balance, Feeling blocked, Balancing act, Two paths, Feeling torn between two choices, Inner conflict, Pressed to make a difficult choice, Pulled in two directions, Contradictory ideas, Cut through the fog, 

REVERSED: Conflicted thoughts, Assertiveness, Indecision, Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, Unable to make a dissuasions,

Three of Swords

UPRIGHT: Heartache, Heartbroken, Heartbreak, Unhappiness, Misery, Separation, Divorce, Backup, Pain & suffering, Wounding, Hurt, Rejection, Betrayal, Separation, Sorrow, Creative Emotional conflict, Upheaval, Upset, Delays, rupture, removal, absence, division, depression, sadness, disorder, confusion.

REVERSED: Overcoming misery & distress, Recovery, Healing words, Creative way to heal, Agony easing,

Four of Swords

UPRIGHT: Rest, Meditation, Recovery, Sleep, Retreat, Interval fear, Relaxation, Contemplation, Recuperation, truce, Solitude, Stand back and evaluate the situation, Lethargy, 

REVERSED: Exhaustion, burn-out, deep contemplation, Introspection, stagnation, Isolation, Loneliness, Paralysed, 

Five of Swords

UPRIGHT: Conflict, Competitiveness, Disagreements, Defeat, Winning at all costs, Arguments and strife, Clash of interests, Battle of ego, Power struggles, Teasing and aggression, intellectual bullying, territorial, 


Six of Swords

UPRIGHTMigration, Move away from troubled waters, Transition, change, Rite of passage, Running Away, Releasing baggage, Move forward, Travel, Holiday, Distance, Time to leave, leaving, Parting ways, Departure, Withdrawal, Exit, Farewell,


Seven of Swords

UPRIGHT: Dishonesty, Betrayal, Deception, Getting away with something, Need to act strategically, Underhanded, Robbery, Thief, Sneaky behaviour, Stealth actions, Speeding information, Infiltrator, Running way, Plotting & Planning, Call to escape from a situation, Mole, Undercover agent – operation,

REVERSED: The need to break free, Imposter syndrome, self-deceit, keeping secrets, Not being honest with yourself,

Eight of Swords

UPRIGHT: Feeling restricted, Boundaries, Limited choices, Limiting beliefs, Loss of hope, imprisonment, victim, Bonded, Unable to express your feelings, Silenced, Powerless, Trapped by negative thinking, Inner turmoil, Feeling restricted, Imprisoned by the mind,

REVERSED: Braking free, Recognising limiting beliefs, inner critic, releasing negative thoughts, open to new perspectives

Nine of Swords

UPRIGHT: Nightmare, Anxiety, Anguished, Worries, Apprehension, Dark night of the soul, Feeling trapped, Dread, Doom, Despair, Inner turmoil, Deep-seated fears, Panic, 

REVERSED: Releasing worry, Able to manage fear, Improvement, Surrender your Anxieties to a higher source, Situation improving, Releasing worry, 

Ten of Swords

UPRIGHT: End of situation, Crisis, Painful endings, Feeling wounded, betrayal, Loss, Crisis, Defeat, Preparer for new situations, Pain is coming to an end, 

REVERSED: Stabbed in the back, New cycle, Recovery, Regeneration, Resisting an inevitable end,

Page of Swords

UPRIGHT: Vigilant, Alert and ready, Prodigy, Quick learner, New ideas, Curiosity, Thirst for knowledge, Spy, New ways of communicating, On guard, Chatty, Inquisitive, Curiosity, Ready for action, Intelligent, Whizz-kid, Eureka moment, Head in the clouds, New learning, 

REVERSED: Nosey, Suspicious, Disappointing news, Gossip, Deluded about their abilities,

Knight of Swords

UPRIGHT: Swift action, Bravery, Self-assured, Skilful, Defence, Protective, Attack, Quick thinking, News out of the blue, War, Wrath, Fury, Anger, Aggressive, Single-minded, Tendency to rush in, 

REVERSED: Call to be less forceful, Try to slow down, Exhibiting, Boastful, 

Queen of Swords

UPRIGHT: Straight talking, The law, Direct, Firm but fair, Justice, Diplomat, Judge, Arbitration, Widow, Spinster, Sadness, Emotionally detached, Aloof, Forthright,

REVERSED: Ruthless, Harsh, Bigotry, Sever, Intolerance, Revengeful, Malice, Cruel, Bitchy, Snobby, Arrogant, Difficult person, Sharp-tongue,

King of Swords

UPRIGHT: Disciplinarian, Master of communication, Powerful, Intelligent, Authoritative, Presidential, Rulership, Genius Mentally, Morally upright, Leader, Principled, Methodical and logical, Articulate, Assertive, Wordy, Academic, Mental brilliance,

REVERSED: Can be overly strict, Ruthless, Calculated, Formidable, Fierce, Tyrant, 

The Suit of Pentacles

Earth: Tarot Keywords

Ace of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Money, abundance, Fertility, Financial winner, New financial opportunities, Financial windfall, Financial stability, Financial security, Monetary growth, New business, New Job prospects, Prosperity, Riches, Financial turnaround, Money issues improving, Reward for hard work, Improving health matters, Business success, A good time to create or expand your business, Receive money out of the blue, Good time to invest, Inheritance, Lottery win, Peace of mind financially, Receiving money, Inheritance, Health and stability, Health improvement, Material gains, Physical wellbeing, Business growth, Lucky coin,

REVERSED: Loss of money, Financial Instability, Financial Insecurity, Unlucky with money, Bad time to invest, Poor financial return, Career prospects poor, Job Loss, Unexpected bills or outlay, Greed, Financial mismanagement, Health decline, Financial risk, Lack of money, Overspending, Overtly materialism, Financial corruptness, Low pay, Pay cut, Poor investment,

Two of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Balance, Juggling, Dexterity, To and fro, Juggling money, Exchange of money, Call to balance your health, Flexibility, Financial partners, New start with money, Keeping things in the air, Balancing act, Gift from the universe of a materialistic or health concern, Getting the balance right, Need to take both sides equally, Call to balancing your health,

REVERSED: Financial turbulence, Financial instability, Imbalance, Feeling unstable, Health is unbalanced, Feeling torn between two projects, Rocky times, Foolish with money, Poor balance act between work and wellbeing, Fluctuating income, Undecided about finance, Fear of dropping the ball, Robbing Peter to pay Paul, Stuck in a cycle,

Three of Pentacles

UPRIGHT:  Working together, Apprenticeship, Teamwork, Cooperation and collaboration, attention to detail, Learning, Application, Planning, Creativity with finance, Exchange of skills, Building financial structures, Tradesman, Skilled worker or craftsman, Bringing plans into fruition, Recognise and monetising your skills, A call to refocus your team upon a project, External assistance and guidance with health may be needed, Creative negotiation with a third person may be necessary,


Four of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Financially, Miser, Mean, Call to let go, Pinchpenny, Financially greedy, Need to be frugal, Holding onto wealth, Tight-fisted, Feeling constrained, Holding onto past pain, materialistic and too money-oriented, Overly frugal, Saving money, Too possessive with belonging, Financial stability and scarcity, Grudging with sharing, Overly controlling with money, To uptight and tense, security, conservatism, rigidly conventional,

REVERSED: Need to share things out,

Five of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Out in the cold, hardship and suffering, Financial problems, Debt, Poor health, Difficult times financially, Refused acceptance into a group or organisation, Feeling isolated and detached, Dejected for poor status or health issues, Mental illness and instability, Health going through an unpredictable episode, Financially facing austerity and scarcity, Unable to see a way through a problem, Rejection and outcast, facing tough circumstances 


Six of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Redistribution of income from rich to poor, Charity and giving to others, The balance or imbalance of monetary issues, An unexpected gift of money, Someone in a more powerful or financial status recognises your needs or circumstances, A call to redistribute your wealth, organise your savings, Financial stability and balance, Generosity, Help and support, Approval of loans or credit, Ability to clear debt or arrears, Poor health suddenly comes into balance. 


Seven of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: A time to appreciate your harvest and hard work, A calling to be tolerant and patient, What we sow we reap, A need to focus upon your wealth, savings and reserves, Assets and investments, observe the fruits of all your hard work and labour, perseverance is the key to success, The need to take a more Long-term view, A calling to save some money for a rainy day, Stop and reflect upon your work, accomplishment and assets, All your hard work is about to pay off, a time to plan your next steps and goals, The need for rest, healing and rejuvenation,


Eight of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: A need to focus upon your work, Practice makes perfect, A card of work and employment, A time to harness and hone your skills, A calling to pay attention to the details, Warning to cross your t’s and dot your i’s, Keep your head down and put in the hours and hard work, Time to focus upon the issues that need your dedication and attention, Refocus your awareness upon health issues or concerns that matter, Your mind may be to absorbed in the details while missing the bigger picture, A calling to display your achievements and accomplishments,


Nine of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Independence, Abundance, Opulence, Luxury, Self-sufficiency, Financially secure and independence, Monetary satisfaction, Well resourced, self-assured and poised, Gained a level of social respect and status, In a state of safety and stability, Accomplished the nice things in life, A person of clout and power,

REVERSED: Single-minded, Isolation, Loneliness, Widowhood, Freeling imprisoned and trapped,

Ten of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Family matters and gatherings, Heritage, Wealth and prosperity, Financial abundance and security, Generational, Prosperity, Affluence, Health stability, Secure resources, New cycle is imminent, The return of your investment and accomplishment is about to payout, A calling to refocus your attention upon your family, A time of earthy power, abundance and success, Financial security and stability is about to unfold, A substantial payout or dividend is possible, Success and victory concerning health and well-being, 


Page of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Studious, Focused, Reserved, Financial opportunities, Self-development, The start of a new business idea and project, New career and job, New business prospects and openings, Time to focus upon health and wellbeing, Windfall, Practical minded, Reliable and dependable, Conservative and traditional, Resistant to take risk, Older than their age, Trustworthy, Planning and organisation may be needed, Sensible and grounded, The birth of a new business, The invitation to save and invest,


Knight of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Strong, bold, and dependable, Brave and stoic, Hard worker and grinder, not easily rattled or becomes upset, moves boldly and decisively, Traditionalist and conservative in nature, Hard to sway or persuade, Nature lover and conservationist, Defensive about customs and traditions, Loyal and patriotic, Conscientious, reliable and diligent with money, Accountable and responsible, Defensive and protective,

REVERSED: Stubborn, Tendency to procrastinate, Known to overwork, which can transcend into the tendencies of a workaholic, can be rather sluggish and lazy, Often seen as rather dull, uninspiring and boring, Follows the rules of life to strictly, rigid and inflexible, Poor, risky investments,

Queen of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Motherly and nurturing, Matriarchal, Earth Goddess, Practical and pragmatic, Mother nature, Reliable and Hardworking, Skilled at multitasking, Loves being in and working within nature, In tune with the rhythms and cycles of nature, financially astute and good with money, Good at planning and organising finances, Home-bird, Material Security, Down-to-Earth, Home-maker, Reliable and dependable, Conservationist and Environmentalist, Money minder, Financial independence, self-care, A bit of a home bird, Ability to communicate with nature and animals. Hedge Witch, Herbalist,


King of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Earthy, Well resourced, Banker, Money orientated, Stately and imperial, Traditionalist and conservative, Entrepreneurial and capitalist, Consistent and reliable, Steady and stable, Morality, Practical and sensible, Ritch, wealthy and abundant, Business person, Managerial, leadership qualities Financial security, Disciplined and orderly, Role model, Company boss, CEO, Presidential and authoritarian, Regal and majestic, Loyal and steadfast, Authoritative and powerful, Responsible and accountable,

REVERSED: Reversed: Overly causes, Materialistic, Megalomaniac, Power-hungry, cranky, Egotistical,

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