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Goddess Dream Oracle: New-Beginnings

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Goddess Dream Oracle – New-Beginnings

Goddess Dream Oracle – New-Beginnings

After years of guiding others, you begin to notice patterns within human behaviour, and fear is without doubt, one of the pressing issues that challenge individuals. The fear to be themselves, of making mistakes, the fear of rejection, being judged, making a fool of themselves, you can probably identify with one or two of these examples. 

Yet one of the most effective ways we spiritually develop and grow, is through the experience of challenge. Take a musician for example, if the student was so fearful of making blunders, then I’m afraid they would make little progress. For there is great value in making mistakes, an important relationship between error, repetition and a successful outcome. For you can’t have progression without flaws and imperfections for they come together, as perfection is illusory.  

In many ways, life is like learning to master a musical instrument, we need to reframe mistakes as something to welcome and embrace. Like a child learning to walk, when they have a stumble or fall, they simply get up, try again, and keep repeating this process until they succeed. Just imagine if this wasn’t the case, it would be impossible to move forward, it’s part of the divine plan and process of life. 

The key phrase upon today’s oracle card is “New Beginnings”, and in many ways, this is the liberating truth and solution for this problem. For the Universe, you, myself and everyone else is part of the perpetual cycle of endings and new beginnings, the continuous turn of the wheel of life.  

For when we make a mistake, we have a golden opportunity to learn a powerful lesson, the most obvious is not to repeat the same action, but learn from our errors, modify our behaviour and embrace a new path and beginning.  

Take a fresh look at life, for if we live under the influence of fear, we close the door upon new beginnings, so the lessons needed to develop and grow.  

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