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Goddess Dream Oracle Deck: Opportunity

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Goddess Dream Oracle Deck By Wendy Andrew – (Rockpool Publications)
If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
By Milton Berle

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

By Thomas A. Edison

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Goddess Dream Oracle Deck: Opportunity

Goddess Dream Oracle Deck- Opportunity

Today the oracle brings a powerful message centred around the sacred gifts and openings that life can bring. For the universe bows her starry head and sprinkles petals of love and opportunity upon your spiritual path and way.  

We are constantly guided towards openings, grand doorways that take us into new pastures and lands. But here lies a troubling and disturbing truth. Often there is an ominous figure obstructing and blocking these doorways. Someone who believes that you’re not quite ready to change, not adequately prepared, not good enough. So who is this destructive judgmental soul? you! 

For there is no greater critic than ourselves. Just take a few minutes to think about this, and I’m sure you’ll agree. For we are constantly standing in our own way, offering negative self-talk, for we’re far too ready to put ourselves down, hold ourselves back, close the door upon chance and opportunity.  

This is the core of this important and powerful message, for you’re better than that, like everyone else, you deserve the brightest and best that life can bring. It’s time to be brave, to become mindful and self-aware, to catch the shoots of negative self-talk and learn to silence these caustic and critical lies. 

For this is a message of inner alchemy, the magical act of turning lead into gold. To take the hand of opportunity, to find the courage to confidently walk through the inner door. It’s time to say yes, and resist the urge to say no. To take a chance, to start to trust and believe in yourself and watch the magic and opportunities unfold. 

Step away from the shadow of fear and walk through the adventurous gateways, and let your magnificent light guide you onto brighter paths and openings. For the universe loves you, and the greatest way we can honour the universe, is to treat ourselves kindly, with love, empathy and respect. 

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