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Goddess Dream Oracle: Burning with life's passion

Let your light shine

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Goddess Dream Oracle Cards By Wendy Andrew (Rockpool Publications)
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Goddess Dream Oracle: Burning with life’s passion

I’m often asked, what is the key to a meaningful and happy life? While I can offer lots of complex answers, one of the core aspects is the keyword upon today’s oracle card, “passion”, and it’s this energy that your message will centre around today.  

This lovely card is full of the active element of fire, the most driven, confident, and courageous of all. If you’re one of the lucky ones, someone who’s worked out the experiences that make you most joyful and happy, then you’re truly blessed.  

For the Great Goddess brings you her most fiery and dynamic aspects today, astrologically expressed through the fire signs, so the qualities of those active signs.  

Now isn’t the time to sit back and observe your dreams unfolding in others, but the call to take a more central role, to get out there and light your own fires. When you read this text, be mindful what feelings these words evoke within your mind. For the Goddess of fire brings you the inspiration and motivation needed to move you into your purpose and reason for being. To spark a creative chain that will take you into the arms of your dreams and ambitions.  

The feelings you experience when you think about your loves and passions is a deep and powerful cry from the depths of your soul to rekindle and move the element of fire deep into the core of your passions, and in doing so, you’ll ignite a powerful reaction, the trigger needed to move you actively and positively forward. 

Let your passions be the fiery torch that lights your way, to ignite and sustain your dreams and ambitions! 

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