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Be Aware of your Dreams

be aware of your dreams

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Goddess Dream Oracle – Be Aware of your Dreams

Goddess Dream Oracle – Dreams

Today’s message centres around the mysterious phenomena of dreams. An invitation to explore the deeper spiritual meaning behind the weird and wonderful world of our nightly adventures. 

Throughout history, there are thousands of examples of story’s within sacred text, mythology and personal accounts that these seemingly innocuous events prove to be far more mysterious and important than many of us would like to believe. 

While our dreams can be rather strange, weird and frightening at times, occasionally we can gain access to information that can challenge the most cynical and sceptical of minds. Offering glimpses into the future, prophecy, warnings and even contact with passed loved ones. 

This is the message that the oracle brings today. For your encouraged to become more aware, so conscious about your dreams. Like all spirituality, when our attention becomes focused upon an event, we bring awareness so energy towards that occurrence, and in doing so, we heighten and increase the likelihood of that event yielding mystical phenomena. In other words, we begin to approach our dreams in a more exploratory, in-depth and spiritual way. Taking note of the stories, symbology, messages and guidance they bring. 

You may wish to keep a dream journal, a helpful way to document and explore your dreams in more detail. For there is a doorway within the mind, a passage that can lead us into new dimensions, possibilities and adventures. For our dreams can often be our greatest teacher, bringing important insight about ourselves and others, a metaphysical gateway to a higher, more mysterious and magical plane. Don’t see your dreams as random, insignificant nightly chatter, but an important link with your higher-self and connection with the universe, and all that this beautiful relationship can bring. 

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