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Four of Cups

it's time to be honest with yourself

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Spellcaster’s Tarot Deck By Melanie Marquis & Scott Murph
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Four of Cups

Have you ever looked back at your life and thought. My goodness, what was I thinking, I had the world in my hands at those times, yet I waisted all those chances and opportunities. ⁣

Perhaps you’ve had one of those uncomfortable feelings when you’ve looked back at an old photograph and thought. Just look at the pain in my eyes and the forced smile on my face. I should have said something, they treated me with such disrespect and contempt and took me for granted, I must have been such a fool.⁣

Now here lies the message of the contemplative Four of Cups within today’s reading. A calling to take the time to sit quietly, to reflect upon your path and your emotional state. A time to honestly think about your life, your happiness and wellbeing. ⁣

Like the past, are you distracted or unaware of any issues or concerns that may need your care and attention? As the old saying goes, “If we don’t learn from our past, then we’re doomed to repeat it!” This is the core meaning and message why this wonderful card has arrived into your awareness today. ⁣

This isn’t just a random message, there’s a much deeper sense of urgency behind this important card and guidance. You’re being encouraged to sit up, take note, listen carefully and act upon the insight and advice. ⁣

It’s time to remind yourself about the qualities and gifts that you bring to this beautiful world. The universe is reaching forward to offer a tender kiss of love and support upon your brow, to whisper a word of guidance and encouragement within your ear. “You will be fine my child, you are safe within my care and keeping.

Like a lost child who has strained from their path, you have forgotten your value and worth. Now is the time to be strong once again, to remind yourself of your true value and goodness. To embrace the firm arms of your potential, to explore your reason and purpose for being.⁣

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