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Five of Pentacles

Let your light shine

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Five of Pentacles: From the Universal Waite Tarot Deck By Mary Hanson-Roberts.
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Five of Pentacles

Today’s thought-provoking message and insight brings the oppressive Five of Pentacles to the table. A card traditionally read with a sense of trepidation and caution about its challenging energy. 

This traditionally negative and repressive interpretation of the Five of Pentacles primarily comes from its complex and interesting astrological attributions, amongst others. Venus rules Taurus, Mercury in the first decan, an important and significant placement. For the infamous quick flighting messenger, is within the earthy and familiar realm of Taurus. A sign when expressed in its most conflicted qualities, is known for its slow, somewhat materialistic, grounded manner. Overly wedded to fixed routines and traditions. An interesting conflicting blend with the brilliantly articulated messenger of the God’s, Mercury, under the watchful eye of Venus the ruling planet. 

Being a fixed sign, Taureans don’t naturally feel comfortable with change. Favouring the security of habit and predictability, rather than the desperate energy and creeping movement that this card so skilfully describes, particularly from a numerological and Kabbalistic perspective. 

Like most difficulties in life, the solution to this interesting dilemma can be found within the exact opposite of our emotional attachments. The ways of thinking that can tether us to the problem. The issues we’re unable to escape from, our prejudices, illusions, and destructive patterns of thinking. Offering the first part of today’s message and advice. 

Mercury suggests a helpful and positive way forward, a chink of light, an invitation to explore a shift in our perception and mindset. A magical way to uncouple and detach from the feelings we witness and experience. To project our thoughts into the next card, the unfolding energy, the next chapter, and potential of our life. For any financial difficulties and health challenges that this card descriptively describes, can be overcome and resolved. For the solution is within the gift of the winged messenger, Mercury. 

From a mythological and astrological perspective, Mercury is steeped with esoteric traditions, insight and meanings. A deeply magical attribution, significantly linked with the Magician card, Hermes Trismegistus, the most high and powerful magician of all. In many ways the definitive archetype of the magician, magic itself, offering another layer of insight and advice from this powerful celestial messenger.

For despite the Five of Pentacles somewhat bleak and challenging appearance. This isn’t just another difficult card, a challenge to overcome. But perfectly illustrates how struggle can often be masked by thought, fed by the mind, distorted by one’s perspective and outlook. Taking us into the final part of today’s message, the gift we can take from Mercury, a lesson to be learned. 

For the greatest of all magicians, the bringer of change, the catalyst of the paradigm. Brings the magical tools and techniques needed to move us from a place of darkness expressed within the card, into the radiant light, the brilliant Sun that Mercury is so devoted, linked and entwined.

For each and every one of us are given the gift of the craft, the hand of the magician, the magical wand. The path that will take us out of the vice of our limitations, into the realm of our dreams and possibilities. For there is a spell to be cast, to disassociate from the earthy kingdom of our limitations, the trappings of matter, into the lofty possibilities and chambers of the mind. 

Don’t allow your awareness to settle upon your sorrow and challenges, but wilfully and freely uncouple from your hardship and suffering and move into the warmth and magic of your imagination. For the place within the card symbolically represented by the temple, is a place of grace, dedicated to the great Goddess Venus, and the key to that magical door lies deep within the mystery of the mind. Back into the arms of the beloved Venus, the place where Taureans feel most secure, safe, and at home. 

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