This page is dedicated to the most popular questions I've received over the years. More specific FAQ related to my tarot readings, spiritual counselling, classes, workshops and courses can be found on those particular pages - sections.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch by clicking the 'contact' tab and I will be more than happy to help.  

I’ve always had a deep interest in the mind, occult and studied magical models and principals for decades, while developing many of my own. Magical thinking and philosophies are at the heart of all my work. Following tradition, most of my practice is intentionally covert, but visible to those with sight.

If you’re interested in Magic, you may find the following section interesting. ( Magic: The Magicians Mind )

To be honest, I’ve never really felt comfortable putting my work in the public domain. There are days when I feel fine about its publication, others I’m pleased I culled the beast. Particularly given the nature of the subject and its potential misapplication. Not that I’m unhappy about its contents, quite the contrary. I’m just not sure in its present incarnation that it delivers the insights as clearly and effectively as it could. 

I recognise this causes frustration, perplexes many, but until I’ve resolved these issues and contradictory feelings, I’ll keep things as they are. 

Having said this, I have decided to upload abridged sections of my book upon this website under the magic section, (click here to view) While all formulaic methodology and activation techniques will be purposefully absent, I feel these snippets will give an idea of my insights, magical thinking and  philosophies. Particularly if you’re new to magic, or unsure what the mystical arts are about. 

YES, I recognise that it may not be possible for all visitors to purchase one of my one-to-one readings/services. With this in mind, you may find my Instagram page interesting, as I randomly offer “FREE” Tarot Card Readings for subscribers. – (Please click here to view and follow my Instagram page)

Yes! Providing you have a stable broadband connection and a suitable device with inbuilt microphone and webcam. Then you can order both my ‘Spiritual Readings’ and ‘Counselling Sessions’ over the internet. Simple, easy and convenient!  

While prediction will typically be part of my tarot card readings, any insight gained, will always be unsolicited, spontaneous and naturally attained.   

Questions like, “will I pass my exam?” are not the type of question that I feel is empowering, as the more sensible, ethical way to find that answer is to wait and see. However, if the exam is yet to take place, then this is quite a different proposition. Providing opportunity to help the individual to move towards the desired outcome. Another way to think about prediction, “The best way to predict the future is to create it!” 

I take my reading ethics and responsibilities extremely seriously and become quite uncomfortable with statements like, “my predictions are one hundred per cent correct.” Not only is this type of statement irresponsible, but misleading. Prediction by tarot is not a science, but like all forms of prophecy is more intuitive in practice.   

Absolutely, if you choose to visit me in person, you are welcome to bring someone along with you. However, due to the sensitive nature of readings or spiritual counselling. You should be aware that potentially confidential details about you and your situation may be discussed within your consultation.

If you’re happy with this, then this is fine with me. Any accompanying person must be over 18 and remain passive throughout the meeting. If you choose to bring along an accompanying adult, please remember to select this option in the booking process.

I’m based in the North West of England between the cities of Manchester and Liverpool, just off the M6 J23, approximately a ten-minute drive. For security reasons, I will provide the exact address on the completion of your order.

No, you could describe my spiritual path as a journey that is continually evolving and open to change. A perpetual cycle of distilling and refining in the pursuit to find deeper meaning and truth. This doesn’t mean that I’m closed, disrespectful or disinterested in different religions, or faiths. Quite the contrary, I’m always open to differing ideas, philosophies and practices.

“Fire is my spirit, water my blood, air is my breath, earth my body.  The sun is my father, the moon my mother. Peace is my desire; love is the source; the trees are my ancestors, nature my church, truth is my mission, service is my calling and magick* is my domain!”

D Cunliffe

* The word “magick” is an alternative spelling used to differentiate spiritual magick from the type of magic seen on stages for entertainment purposes.  

Spiritual readings: If you’re looking for intuitively based guidance, then I’m confident you’ll love this form of support. There is something quite extraordinary about tarot, and when we open our mind to the insight and knowledge it offers. Then the experience can be truly magical, empowering and transformative.

Spiritual counselling: Spiritual counselling will focus around casual discussion, exploration and solution-based guidance that will be spiritual in nature. A service that typically, but not necessarily, will be spread over several sessions, to find a more practical, successful and positive way forward. If you’re comfortable with openly discussing your problems and explore spiritually-based solutions, tools and practices, then take a look at my spiritual counselling page.

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