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Eight of Pentacles

What areas in your life needs your attention?

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Eight of Pentacles: Prudence – The Urban Tarot Deck By Robin Scott
“When you take care of yourself, you’re a better person for others. When you feel good about yourself, you treat others better.”
By Solange Knowles
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Eight of Pentacles

I love the vibe of this New York backroom workshop. The figure in the card is in a world of his own. He needs to be extremely focused and precise, so he uses a monocle to see the details. He is skilled, experienced and has worked hard to harness his craft and expertise. He is surrounded by clocks and watches, the perfect metaphor for today’s message! ⁣

There is a time to play, to have fun with friends, to build beautiful memories with the family, and there are times, like the Hermit card, that we need to buckle-down, retreat into the background, put in the hours and focus upon the detail to get the task done.⁣

You are being encouraged to stop and listen to the ticking clock, the sound of your life passing by. It’s time to focus upon the detail, to learn the lessons of focus, patience and practice. ⁣

Like the powerful Magician card, the man in the card has learned that the tools in his arsenal are vital for his success. You can’t mend a watch with a harmer, but the same tool is vital for another tradesmen or job. So here lies another insight and message. What tools are necessary or needed to accomplish the job in hand. What are your strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly, what tools are needed to move you into a more productive state of independence, empowerment and success? ⁣

It’s time to look through the monocle at your life, to examine the fine detail. What areas in your life needs your attention? What is broken or needs to change? Be like the man in the image, take yourself away, focus upon your needs, to begin the important process of repairing and regulating the problems and issues that are holding you back and limiting your life!

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