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Eight of Pentacles

Lord of Prudence

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Eight of Pentacles: Lo Scarabeo first edition of the Pamela Colman Smith RWS Tarot
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacle presents itself in a very interesting way today. Influenced by its astrological correspondences, Sun in the first decan of Virgo, adorned with the title “Lord of Prudence”, a phrase offering an additional layer of insight and direction.

The Sun fall’s into Virgo in the late summer, the time of the year when the farmers harvest their crops after their careful tending. The time when all their hard work eventually proves to be successful or not. For not all success is based upon hard work, as farmers are subject to the weather. For if the year has been particularly challenging, then sadly the harvest will be poor, and their returns will be significantly affected. 

Financially, many of us are experiencing some of the most challenging times imaginable, and like the farmers, we are dependent upon external events. But Virgo is ruled by Mercury, a planet known for its magical abilities, skills of the mind, communicative qualities, combined with the sign’s characteristics being mutable, so flexible and adaptable. 

Collectively today’s card offers a guiding light, interestingly Virgo also rules the Hermit card, offering a clear and powerful way forward. For the Hermit navigates in the darkness with his lantern, a symbol of faith and trust.

Let the light within you guide you out of your shadow into the gifts of your potential. It’s all in the detail, pay attention to the small things in life, as these can often prove to be more important than we first may think. Prudence is needed, while you may be going through a difficult storm, there is a light upon the horizon, and all your hard work will pay off. 

Keep focused upon the light that guides you, mindful about the inner dialogue that you allow to unfold within your mind. Virgo is a hardworking, caring and kind sign, qualities that offer important guidance and advice. 

While you are called to batten down the hatches, prepare for a few challenging months, if you embrace the cards advice, to work hard, hold faith and plan a way forward, then you are certain to succeed and arrive at your destination in a more skilled, empowered and successful state. 

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