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I’ve worked in the field of spirituality for almost thirty years and had the privilege of guiding hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. It’s my calling, passion, and reason for being.

Eight of Cups

8 of Cups

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Modern Spellcasters Tarot Deck By Melanie Marquis (Author) Scott Murphy
“Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are acculated along the way.”
By Allan Rufus
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Eight of Cups

From time to time, we all enter a state of soul searching. Questioning our life and the direction we’re heading. Is this all that my life is about? Will things ever improve or get better? This isn’t something to feel guilty about, a time of self-indulgence and dissatisfaction about life, but a good sign. It’s your higher self lovingly reaching forward, beckoning you to fulfil those dreams and ambitions, reminding you that things can be different, become more fulfilling and rewarding. 

The waxing moon within the card suggests change is approaching; thoughts if not present may come to mind over the following days. When you become aware of these thoughts, you may recall these words and the message the cards are wishing to impress upon you. 

The figure within the card is fixated upon two cups, one erect, while the other has tumbled. The contents symbolically flowing into his direction. A lunar symbol, the need for renewal, clarity, and self-nurturing. 

Action is needed, he stands at an altar, a sacred place where his thoughts become more lucid, conversations with his higher self, and the divine is taking place. You’re called to connect with your subconscious, the doorways behind the mind. It’s time to listen to the gentle impressions that come into your awareness, thoughts that enter your mind. For these are the subtle vibes, intuitive hunches that will guide you, offer you welcomed insight, comfort, and support. 

Life needn’t be dull, repetitive, difficult, or challenging. It’s the perfect time to be brave, to take a chance, embrace a new path and that courage will pay dividends, open new doors, an act that will take you into more rewarding and satisfactory directions. 

Spiritual Readings

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