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No Responsibility or liability.

While some of my readings and services are listed under individual topics/categories, love, health, money, work, etc. It is important to understand that I don’t give advice or guidance related to specific issues or concerns that I’m not legally permitted or qualified to provide.

To clarify, if you’re seeking guidance related to a specific problem and concern, financial, legal, health related, etc. Than I recommend and advise you seek the guidance from a professional, qualified individual/organisation.

The tarot card readings and indeed (all) of my services that I provide are exclusively spiritual and soul based in nature, focusing upon the spiritual dimensions and impact that a client may typically experienced while dealing with issues related to each reading category and the subject matter itself.

I accept no liability for loss or injury for the service/services I provide. You are solely responsible for your own decisions, choices and actions.

I take my ethics, responsibilities and boundaries extremely seriously and take pride in he services I provide.

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