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FREE Money tarot card spread

Money Tarot Card Spread

Money Tarot Card Spread ⭐️1. What is my relationship with money?⭐️2. How can I develop a healthier relationship with money?⭐️3. How important is money to me?⭐️4. Is my level of income sufficient to live comfortably?⭐️5. Does my means of income make me happy?⭐️6. How can I healthily increase my income?⭐️7. How can I avoid, best manage, …

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Health tarot card spread

Health Tarot Card Spread

Health is my Wealth Health tarot card spread 1. What health concerns most challenge and worry me?⭐️2. What is the clearest way to describe and define these issues?⭐️3. What is the root cause of these issues?⭐️4. What seems to make my issues worse?⭐️5. What activities seem to help or improve these challenges?⭐️6. What immediate action …

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