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Astrological Oracle Cards - Jupiter

Let your light shine

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Astrological Oracle Cards By Lunaea Weatherstone & Antonella Castelli
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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Astrological Oracle Cards – Jupiter

Jupiter Oracle Card

Today’s card is related to the planet Jupiter, the king of the gods in Roman mythology, the god of the sky and thunder. Astrologically a card of expansion and growth. From a tarot perspective, Jupiter is assigned to the Wheel of Fortune, a card of change and good luck.

But today, the oracle gods bring an important message of insight. While you may find yourself thirsting for knowledge, exploring new topics of interest, perhaps seeking deeper spiritual insight and meaning, or a heightened attraction to individuals on a romantic or passionate way.

There is an interesting aspect to the idea of expansion, a note of advice that is always helpful to share when this energy arrives within a reading. For growth doesn’t always bring improvement. For there is an interesting observation, knowledge doesn’t always equal a successful outcome. For there are amazingly knowledgeable individuals out there, doctors for example, who have the most dreadful lifestyle, so health. Therapists who are more psychologically damaged than their clients, tarot scholars who are incredibly knowledgeable about their subject, but poor readers. 

The point, we have free will, so the choice how we use and develop this expansive energy, for we’re not merely slaves to our environment but can learn to take advantage and work with these influencing energies. 

Organization is the key when working with energies, and this can be best achieved by developing a clear plan, to steer into the most effective and successful direction. For you wouldn’t step onto a train expecting to arrive at your desired destination, without making plans. 

Like the train in our earlier example, energies are continually arriving and departing, make the most of this positive time, the time to go for it is now, for the planet of blessing is bringing its jovial charm, influence and good luck. 

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