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Angels and Ancestors: The Great Teacher Card

Let your light shine

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Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck By Kyle Gray & Lily Moses
“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready, the teacher will Disappear.”
By Tao Te Ching

"Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination."

By Drake

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Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck: The Great Teacher Card

Angels and Ancestors the Great Teacher

Whenever we read the phrase “great teacher”, particularly in a spiritual context. Many of us bring to mind a rather saintly figure, perhaps in their maturing years. Someone who matches the stereotypical idea of the wise one. Usually male, while dressed in clothes that align with our idea of the spiritual guru.

The image upon this lovely card is just another example of such a messianic looking figure, an image that plugs straight into the Jesus like archetype, the trusted healer and enlightened one. 

But if the media was to be believed, where are the gay sages, those who are physically challenged, the minorities who are largely treated with contempt or ignored altogether. Certainly not the equality and respect they deserve, especially in the movies who often depict our witchy friends as rather sinister individuals usually in their crone state, have they looked at social media lately? 

What about our new-age colleagues, typically depicted as a little eccentric or goofy, or the tarot reader who is usually portrayed as sitting in a dark room uttering esoteric babble in hushed tones. 

Today’s message is calling us to confront this outdated model and explore a more inclusive and broader way. No matter who you are, you are the face of the modern seeker and guru. Gone are the days when we needed to travel to distant lands to find enlightenment, try Instagram, Facebook, or video websites like YouTube for example.

We don’t really learn anything new; it’s through our encounters with others that we experience subtle reminders of the knowledge we already have. A perpetual process of unveiling information buried deep within the folds of the soul. For every person we meet presents us with a key to reveal a hidden aspect of the self. For you’re just as likely to find profound insight from the cashier on the till at the supermarket, than your local spiritual centre. For every encounter we experience provides a wonderful opportunity to spiritually learn and grow.

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