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Angels and Ancestors: The Knight

Be brave and honest

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Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray & Lily Moses
“Never underestimate the gift and honour you’ve been bestowed. Let your magnificent and glorious light guide those in darkness into the safety of your care and keeping.”
By David Cunliffe
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The Knight from the beautiful Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck: Knight

Today’s message takes us to the heart and meaning of your life and purpose, to explore more effective ways to fulfil your hopes and dreams.

Within this sacred card shows a contemplative Knight in his maturing years, but he is no ordinary Knight. For he doesn’t carry a weapon of violence, this is a ceremonial sword, a symbol of pride, honour and truth.

Like everyone else, you’re trying to do your best, the universe understands and recognises this. You’re trying to care for yourself and others, you’re a survivor, working hard to earn a crust to put food upon the table, but at times you become tired, overwhelmed, begin to question life, your meaning and direction. This is part of the course of life, but today’s message invites you to step aside. Pull up a chair, sit down and give yourself the time to go within, to contemplate upon the following questions and ideas.

Upon the pommel of the Knights sword is an equal-armed cross; this is a sacred seal of honour and balance. The vertical line points to the heavens and the horizontal to land, a symbol that illustrates the unification of the two. For he is a Holy Knight, he brings a message of love, a blessing from his master. The one who made you, filled your body with light, gave movement and breath to the flesh. 

You’re called to “be brave and honest”, for you’re walking a sacred path, a spiritual journey of truth and enlightenment. A request to live a life with grace and honour, to be true to your values and beliefs. To find the courage to stand up for yourself and those who are less resilient and fortunate. To become a divine Knight and light warrior, a beacon of light and inspiration that others will admire and follow, draw comfort and guidance. Never underestimate the gift and honour you’ve been bestowed. Let your magnificent and glorious light guide those in darkness into the safety of your care and keeping. 

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