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I’ve worked in the field of spirituality for almost thirty years and had the privilege of guiding hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. It’s my calling, passion, and reason for being.

Ace of Cups

Take, drink, this is the holy cup.

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“Kindness is built on three factors, which are appreciation, compassion, and personal power. Appreciation is awareness of the gifts of others while simultaneously appreciating yourself as the opposite person is a mirror of you. Compassion is the hard earned gift of experience in action that pays off in dividends. Kindness is an Abundance of Flow of Personal Power.”
By Deborah Bravandt

The Ace of Cups: A spiritual interpretation of the sacred Ace of Cups.

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Take, drink, this is the holy cup, this is the chalice that holds the first drop of love, the first tear that fell from the lover’s eyes. This is my gift to you, the gift that opens the great door of love, let my waters cleanse your soul, let me wipe away those tears and anoint your head with the sacred waters from the holy well. This is the water that flows through your veins, the same water that moves through me, your parents, your children your lover and friends, all who have passed through the great gates of life, have carried my water within their body. 

Lift up your eyes, take the holy cup, let my waters wash away those tears, for you are fashioned from the star faced one, the one who walks by your side. For I am the great mother, the one who stands at the edge of the sea, the one who holds the moon in the sky, the one who holds you tight, the one who keeps you close in her sight.  

Love is the gift of your message today, the glue that binds the universe together, the bond we have for one another. Now take the cup and drink, renew your self-love today, its time to stop the self-criticism, the cutting words you direct towards yourself, it’s time to make a new commitment to love and respect yourself. 

You are being offered the gift of love today, the chalice of love from the Goddess of water is pressing upon your lips. Take, drink, the opportunity for love is near, for when we learn to love and honour ourselves, we permit the holy waters to flow. That mystical event when the Ace of Cups makes its beautiful transition to become the Two of Cups.

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