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Pleased to meet you. I’m an occultist, professional Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Mentor and Educator. I’ve worked in the field of spirituality for over thirty years and had the privilege of guiding thousands of individuals from different backgrounds, needs and circumstances. It’s my calling, passion, and reason for being.

My spiritual work can be loosely divided into three main areas. My spiritual readings, mentorship and the educational, so the inspirational classes, courses, and workshops I provide. Particularly helpful for those who are wishing to expand their mind, improve their lives and explore their higher self.

If you’re intrigued how I can help you, or perhaps you would like to learn more about myself and how I approach life and my spiritual path and work. Then why not take a few minutes to browse through the various sections on this website? Perhaps starting with the Services I provide or my Frequently Asked Questions page, not forgetting my social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook) and hopefully, something will begin to resonate and encourage you to reach for guidance and support.

Thank you for your appreciated visit and interest. May you find the courage to stand in your power, and the strength to embrace your true authenticity and purpose. 

Blessings, David

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Getting to know
one another

About David Cunliffe

I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of general facts about myself. A helpful way to learn about my philosophical ideas, spirituality and interests.


“A wonderful experience, surprisingly emotional at times and lots to think about, a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience, highly recommended!”

TAROT CARD READING: Bethan – (Llandudno)

Looking for guidance & support?


Intrigued? Then why not take a look at my popular tarot card readings. If that’s not your thing, then perhaps you would prefer a confidential one-to-one spiritual counselling session. An informal, casual and relaxing chat with myself to discuss your concerns. A wonderful way to find a more positive, constructive and empowering way forward.

Thank you for your appreciated interest, and I hope to have the honour and privilege of working with you very soon. Kind regards, David.



“My goodness David, I’ve heard you were difficult to track down; they were right, but finally, I managed to book my consultations with you, and what can I say. I like to think that I’m well converse in the cognitive sciences, but this experience not only taxed me academically but perhaps more challengingly on a personal level. Not sure what to think yet; how and utter bewilderment seems to be a couple of synonyms that come to mind. It was something you said in our last session that put the cat amongst the pigeons. What I didn’t tell you, perhaps I should; I have a keen interest in mentalism, so I know those ideas well, so I know what you said was coming from something quite different. I know you are clear that you are not psychic, have no spiritual gifts etc., and I would agree with your sentiment. Still, I’m now beginning to consider these previously contested theories, or I’m I missing something obvious or important? Lots to consider and work through. I’m happy to say, while I can’t say that I understand everything that you talked about, but I’m beginning to gain flashes of insight that have made me think and rethink a few things, and some of these considerations have moved me into a much happier place. I’m not sure I would like my name added to this text, but I am happy for you to add these words, excluding any personal information on your website.”



“Thank you, in a word, superb! I can’t express my appreciation strongly enough; my goodness, what a powerful experience. Like I said at the end of my reading, I wasn’t expecting much, but how wrong was I? A deeply provocative and inspirational experience.”



“Not what I was expected at all! I’ve had many card readings over the years, this was something else. At times I found the whole experience challenging and emotional. Lots to think about and explore. I know you take those little pieces of card seriously, and my goodness, now I know why. Invigorating, inspiring and empowering. Simply wonderful David, thank you. – Linda.”



Dear David, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your wonderful help and support during our time together. Your insight and advice have been incredibly helpful and supportive, and have changed my life in so many ways for the better.

I still remember when I first met you, I was feeling lost and uncertain about my future. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, and I was struggling to find my way. But you took the time to get to know me, and helped me to see my potential. You encouraged me to follow my dreams, and you helped me to believe in myself. For that, I am truly thankful.

Your support has made all the difference in my life. I am now on the path to achieving my goals, and I know that it is because of your help. I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me, and I will never forget your kindness and support.

Sincerely, Ella.


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