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David Cunliffe

Hi friend, thanks for dropping by and great to see you here. I’ve always been one of those types of people who notice the more subtle and hidden aspects of life. Understanding the deeper connections and meanings behind seemingly random events that can often turn out to be more significant or important, than we may have first thought!

The people we meet in the most unusual circumstances and the messages they bring. The symbols and signs that surround us daily that become increasingly noticeable and significant. The robin that visits the garden on a daily basis, bringing a sense of attention and significance to itself. It’s how my mind works, the characteristics of a tarot brain I suspect. And I’d like to think your visit here today is one of those lovely moments. The universe working its magic and mystery, bringing hope and support. Well I’d like to thinks so, it brings a smile to my face and hopefully gives you a nice feeling too.

I’ve created this website for many reasons, a place to present my work, list my spiritual readings and counselling sessions. A space to share ideas, document thoughts, and a way to promote my gatherings and workshops. I’ll also be adding an online shop very soon, a place to find something spiritually related or inspired.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy your visit today, and hopefully, I’ll have the honour and privilege of meeting and working with you very soon. You may like to start by taking a look at the “Spiritual Services” box on this web page to see how I can help and support you.

Keep positive and strong my friend and thank you once again for your appreciated visit and support.

Bright and spiritual blessings, kind regards, David.
Tarot card readings by David Cunliffe.


You're not alone, I'm here to help


Looking for guidance with a difference, perhaps more spiritually centred and holistic in nature? Then take a look at the following pages.


If you’re seeking guidance with a specific issue or concern, or simply curious what the cards have to say about you, your life and direction. Then take a look at my ‘Tarot Card Readings‘ and let’s see what the cards have to say!


If you’re going through difficult or challenging times and ready to confront your issues and concerns in an honest, open, non-judgmental and confidential setting. Then let’s chat, take a look at my ‘Spiritual Counselling‘ page.



“I can’t thank you enough David, our meetings were truly inspirational and life-changing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please feel free to add this to your appraisals page, Blessed Be.”

SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING: Bella – (Manchester – UK)

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