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The Qabalistic Path of the Flaming Sword
The Qabalistic Path
of the Flaming Sword: Copyright David Cunliffe

Help & Support from David Cunliffe: Knowledgeable Tarot Card Reader, Empowering Intuitive, Spiritual Advisor, and Soul-based Cancelling.

Hi friends, I’m David Cunliffe, spiritual adviser, mentor, and professional tarot card reader; thanks for dropping by and great to see you here.

I’ve always been one of those types of people who are interested in the more mysterious, eccentric, and hidden aspects of life. Seeking to understand the mind, the deeper connections behind seemingly random events and patterns that can often turn out to be more relevant and important than we may have first thought.

The people we meet in the most unusual circumstances and the insight and messages they bring. The symbols and signs that surround us on a daily basis, and the hidden knowledge and wisdom they represent. The robin that visits the garden, brings a sense of attention to itself and the significance we attach to those events.

It’s how my mind works, the characteristics of an inquisitive, qabalistic tarot brain I suspect, and I’d like to think your visit here today is one of those lovely moments. The universe working its magic and mystery, bringing like-minded souls together, with a sense of hope, healing, and empowerment. Well, I’d like to think so; it brings a smile to my face and hopefully gives you a nice feeling too.

I’ve created this website for many reasons, a place to present my work, list my tarot readings, spiritual counselling sessions, etc. A space to share ideas, document thoughts, and a way to promote my gatherings and workshops. I’ll also be adding an online shop very soon, a place to find something spiritually related or inspirational.

“One of the most liberating paradigm shifts that someone new to magic will come to realise. That which they believe is their reality, is in truth only fixed by the thoughts that align with those beliefs, and when those beliefs become challenged, the magic will start to awaken and the changes that correspond with those new observations and beliefs, will begin to magically manifest and unfold.” – David Cunliffe

I would like to conclude by inviting you to take a look at my “Spiritual Services” box on this web page and hopefully, I will have the privilege of meeting and working with you very soon.

Bright blessings, David.

“Simply brilliants! highly recommended, I can’t thank you enough, David, our meetings were truly inspirational and life-changing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please feel free to add this to your appraisals page. Blessed Be.”

SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING: Bella – (Manchester – UK)


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If you’re going through difficult or challenging times and ready to confront your issues and concerns in an honest, open, non-judgmental and confidential setting. Then let’s chat, and take a look at my ‘Spiritual Counselling‘ page.

Tarot card readings by David Cunliffe.
Hermes Trismegistus, Hermes and Thoth

Hermes Trismegistus, Hermes, Mercury, and Thothis considered by many as the founder of science, religion, mathematics, geometry, alchemy, philosophy, medicine and most importantly from my own perspective, magic. The father of western occultism, the magician of all magicians, the Thrice-Greatest; Alchemy, Astrology & Theurgy.

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